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Life around here has been going by very, very quickly! With Mark gearing up for a deployment and Caroline growing like a weed, things are cruising by. Yesterday, we saw a newborn baby and couldn't believe how much our little lady has grown in such a short period of time. It's crazy!


Caroline Ashby: A Birth Story

As I've mentioned before, Baby O was breech throughout my whole pregnancy. She remained cozy and in place until our scheduled c section date, April 4th. I was exactly 39 weeks along.

Going into the surgery, I wasn't nervous. I always described my feelings as anxious because I'd never had major surgery before and I felt like I had to get through the surgery anxiety before I could be excited or ready for little Caroline.


Wanderlust Wedneday Link Up #23

That time I got up close and personal with a baby deer at Miyajima.

My interpretation of "wanderlust" is simply the desire to adventure... whether that be within a new hobby, a vacation, or your every day family life. I want to know what adventure your life has taken you on this week and every Wednesday!

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