Mark's MCCC Graduation

After 6 short (or long, depending on who you ask) months, Mark graduated from MCCC, Maneuver Captains Career Course this past week.

"The resident course is 22 weeks long and takes place in a small group setting. The POI is flexible and adapts to the needs of the Commander in the field. One such way we do that is by surveying current Battalion and BCT Commanders. For example, it was identified, because of the current ARFORGEN Cycle, that training management was a shortfall in the PME of captains coming to BCTs. As a result, a basis of understanding of training management is now taught in the course. The curricula forces on all types of operations that a company commander may be forced to operate in, from combined arms maneuver to wide area security missions" - MCCC Website

He worked so hard and I'm very proud of him! I don't know anyone that enjoys learning like Mark does. He may not like the school work, but he really enjoys the learning new concepts, perspectives and ideas.

Mark was able to shake the hand of a very important man, Col. Ralph Puckett. Col. Puckett was an inductee into the United States Army Ranger Hall of Fame because he's amazing. For more details, you can read about him here.

Yay for Mark! Now, we're off to our next adventure.


Humphries Holiday: Florence & Rome

After our visit to Monaco, we headed to our final country: Italy! We had two stops to go, overall, and I was super excited to be heading to Florence and Rome because I wanted to eat all of the Italian food that I could!

And that's just what I did. I made it my own little personal goal to eat my way through Italy! I had some delicious ravioli -- like the best I've ever had in my life -- and it was all by accident. My sister and I had dropped off the rental when we arrived in Florence with plans to meet up with our parents to see the David.

There was a little bit of time in between, which clearly meant "food." Ha! We stopped at this super random place along the way and BAM... hello ravioli.

We all enjoyed seeing the David and we were all really surprised by how big the statue was. Also, I can't even pretend like we were mature adults because there were a lot of penis jokes happening.

After nearly two weeks of traveling together, the humor was welcome!

That night, we walked around the city and grabbed some dinner. We fell in love with Italian leather goods and began our short quest to find my mom and sister some perfect pieces to take home with them. Tabitha had enough souvenirs that she got a really awesome leather carry on bag to put it in and mom bought a huge duffel because... she could!

The next morning, we headed to... you guessed it... Rome! We checked into our AirBnB, which was beautiful and spacious. The owner gave us a full tour and ended up up-selling us on a double-decker bus. We only had a few days and we wanted everyone to see everything they wanted.

The next day, we split up to do our own things with intentions of meeting up at The Vatican. My parents really wanted to get to the Harley shop to get some t-shirts because we hadn't had much luck throughout the other parts of the trip and they collect them.

So, my sister and I bought tickets into The Colosseum and did the audio tour. We loved it, but were a bit outraged by the amount of selfie sticks. We, literally, couldn't see some parts of what the audio was talking about because people had their BACKS to the site taking a photo. We vowed never to be those people.

That afternoon, we met up to walk through the Vatican. We had read about the "strict" dress code (for obvious reasons) and we followed it, even though it was a million degrees outside. Then, when we got there, it seemed that we were the only ones that were actually following said code. Oh well! Call us rule followers!

The next day, Tabitha stayed behind for a few more days and the rest of us headed to the airport. The owner of our apartment scheduled a taxi pick-up, which was amazing! It was a seamless trip to the airport (although a long one) and we were able to hang out with each other before flying out.

By the end of the trip we were all sick and mom felt the worst on that last day. So, while she slept, dad took me shopping in the airport and bought me an amazing purse and wallet. Italian leather for me, too?! Hooray!

Our Humphries Holiday was a really good trip. We all came home with the need to do a little bit of decompressing, but being able to add vacation memories with my sister and parents was worth it! Plus, I got to see Europe for the first time. I already have my "when I go back" list of things that I really want to see on the next European vacay.


Wanderlust Wednesday Link Up #12

Downtown Columbus has a lot of history and there's this building that's covered in pictures of people. You can tell the project is old, obviously, but I still find it really interesting.

My interpretation of "wanderlust" is simply the desire to adventure... whether that be within a new hobby, a vacation, or your every day family life. I want to know what adventure your life has taken you on this week and every Wednesday!

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Valentine's Day Pinspiration

Happy February! You, officially, have 2 weeks to get your Valentine's Day plans in order and I'm here to share some of my favorite pins. From parties to pastries, here's what I think will make your Valentine's Day a fun and festive time... and maybe even a little romantic.

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