Moving Marathon: Instant Replay

This series is almost over... promise! I decided to do a little recap about what has happened in the past two weeks. Well, more like 12 days. Whatevs, you get the point.

Since we leave tomorrow I will be phoneless as of this evening. Don't fret my pet, we will have wifi. I'm already feeling separation anxiety from my phone, but I've backed it up and will keep my SIM card so I should be okay. The good news is (hopefully) I'll be able to use the money that I get out of this phone to buy an iPhone in Oki! Yay!!

Back to the 'instant replay.' These are in no particular order, but they did all happen within the time frame. It's shocking, if you ask me...

From top to bottom:
(1) We visited the first bar we ever went to together, Buddy's, in Surf City & found the dollar that Kaitlyn put up.
(2) We watched Mike fly over the back gate bridge with Mark's sister, Margaret, Brother-in-law, Travis, and sister-in-law, Jenn.
(3) The guys went golfing while the ladies drove the golf carts.
(4) Mary came to visit with Cadia and we went to the Shrimp Festival where we saw a very large shrimp...
(5) We had an extremely successful yard sale despite heavy rain and humid weather.

(1) Mark picked up a new hobby of coin collecting. He now has 2 books that will be a good reference for coin value. In the picture he's looking through an entire Cool Whip container of wheat pennies.
(2) I hung out at a local coffee shop and used their Internet and watched their TV after our services had been cut off.
(3) We went to see The Campaign, which is prettyyyyy funny!
(4) Mary got me a Michael Kors bag as a going away present because she's thebomb.com
(5) I went in for a trim at a new salon and the lady chopped my hair to pieces. Booooo. :(

(1) I got new tennis shoes and I cannnnooottt wait to wear them while I'm riding my bike in Okinawa
(2) We visited Mark's brother, Matthew, and his family in Myrtle Beach where we went to a Chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie read, "Silence is a virtual..." instead of virtue. lol
(3) We packed up the last bit of 'stuff' from our apartment and got our entire deposit back!
(4) We ate our anniversary cake & it was mighty delish.
(5) We had dinner with Mike and Jenn at the Melting Pot where we overindulged and hated ourselves for how much we loved it.

Closing ceremonies were today. We re-visited our old apt and snapped a picture.... because I made Mark. lol :) Cheers to Ennett Lane!

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