Moving Marathon: Qualifying

Whoa! Yes, that's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the whirlwind that we've been spinning in since May 26th, 2012. That was a beautiful day (and extremely hot), a day that we will always remember, and the day that I look forward to blogging & scrapbooking about! However, that'll all have to wait because since that day (Well, we did have a beautiful honeymoon to Peter Island.) we have been jumping through hoops to prepare for our big move to Okinawa.
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One crown, 3 shots, and 6 vials of blood later this girl is medically cleared to go to Oki with my husband! Yay! Hooray! Seriously, it seems like my mouth was numb for a month straight from all the dentist visits and I was constantly running back and forth from the doc to base and back again. Good news: it's over and we are both cleared and healthy!

Monday started our Moving Marathon, named solely because I have slipped into a mild depression because the Olympics are over and I'm holding on to my last play on words. Our life has been upside down since we started 'organizing' our move piles. Yes, we have piles. We had one that's 'express', one that will arrive in October, and then a 'non-temporary' storage pile.

The Qualifiers were a breeze. The movers came in and were only there for about an hour. They packed up what we deemed important and went about their business. Well, that was after we handed them a whole stack of homemade cookies. They told us that the express shipment would meet us in Okinawa, but I'm being a pessimist and don't believe them. Call me crazy, but I'd rather aim low and be pleasantly surprised!

The weekend before the Qualifiers we trained by having a yard sale! My first yard sale on my own. Let me just say that I may have done it on my own, but that doesn't mean I didn't call the parentals asking a gazillion questions. Thanks, Mom and Dad! I must say, I was impressed by how much we made and I even managed to impress Mr. O. He really didn't think we'd make any money. We battled with the rain and after the first shower he said, "Well, I guess we have to take all of this crap to Goodwill." Little did he know, I was making a sign to put on the door and moving the sale inside. When this girl says, "Rain or Shine," she means it!

Last two totes of clothes and shoes, who wants them!? (Gotta pay shipping or come get them)

Our friend Mary came to help with the sale and brought our GodDog, Cadia. We checked out the Shrimp Festival in Sneads Ferry and were shocked by the lack of SHRIMP there?! It was a nice little carnival to check out, but I would have been more impressed if there were lots more shrimp there.

The main shrimp meal. 2 choices: broiled or fried

Now, my life consists of living in a half empty apartment, eating peanut butter & jelly on hot dog buns that I've toasted in the oven, and sharing the 1 spoon that hasn't been packed. Mr. O checks out of his battalion at the end of the week and we move in with his brother and sister-in-law for the rest of our residency in North Carolina.

PB&J on hot dog buns

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