Moving Marathon: Semi-Finals

Yesterday was the first round of Semi-Finals. The movers came for our household goods shipment. I felt an astronomical amount of pressure due to this shipment. It was do or die time! If we didn't put it in this shipment we went without it. What if we missed something? What if, what if, what if!?!

 Don't worry... the metal chicken was shipped!

The movers were at our apartment a little longer this time and I didn't like the crew as much as I did on Monday. The guy in charge of this crew was a little bit pushy. I prefer when someone talks to me like I don't move internationally every day... because I don't. I had questions and a few doubts. However, Mr. Knowitall disregarded most. Mark was really good about everything and made sure that I was comfortable with everything that was going on.

Packing, packing, and more packing!

Sidenote: Not long after they got there, Mr. Knowitall mentioned that he was told we had cookies and was wondering where his were. At first I thought he was kidding, but I don't think he was. We were out of cookies, but I did send him off with some pasta salad. Those two things are similar, right??

We were able to have dinner with Mark's family on base and it was pretty good! Afterwards, we came back to our almost-empty apartment. Mark had to go into work at 3:30 in the morning and was exhausted. Unfortunately, all we had was a set of sheets and a not so comfy floor for him to sleep on. I offered the couch, but he insisted that I utilize it. He's so sweet!!

Today has been full of online stuff: changing addresses, getting a Skype phone number, emailing family & friends with our new contact info, etc... The coffee shop down the street is becoming very familiar with me because we no longer have cable (or a TV, for that matter) or internet at our apartment. I came early for breakfast and plan to eat lunch here, too! Free wifi say whhhatttt?!

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