Seattle Part Ni

Lets just jump right back in where we left off...

After we got back from downtown on Day Ichi, we basically went to sleep. It was 2 PM. Mark woke me up around 8 or 9 because he couldn't sleep anymore. I, however, was not humoring the idea of getting up and I continued to sleep... for 17 hrs to be exact. Ha! The next morning, Mark kept calling me a bear because I finally came out of hibernation. I was tired!!

Mark has picked up a new hobby of coin collecting so he was really happy that we had the chance to check out the Northwest Territorial Mint. We both thought it was going to have some rare coins on display and have kind of a 'museum' feel, but it didn't. I got my dad a Harley Challenge Coin and Mark got some... coins (idk much about them)... and then we headed back downtown.

We decided to get some lunch back at Pike Place Market. We stopped at one of the fish places that's semi-outside and ordered some of the best clam chowder that I have ever had! Seriously, it was so good. Mark got fish tacos and liked those just as much.

We found "The Tasting Room" down a side street and had little bit of wine after lunch. They had a brilliant placemat that told you what kind of wine was on what circle... I always get confused when they're just blindly pouring.

Next, we started the real adventure. Randomly, we stopped at a tourist trap restaurant to have a locally brewed beer. We started asking the bartender where we should go and she told us to leave the city... I guess that's what happens when you've lived in a place forever. However, she graciously passed the question to a waiter who told us about a local ferry that would take us to a small island. The ferry was cheap and the island was awesome. We had 10 or 15 minutes to make the next ferry so we walked, quickly, and hopped on!

Awesome view!

Instead of giving you all of the juicy details about Bainbridge Island, I'll just do a quick photo summary of our trip. I will tell you that it was absolutely amazing and was definitely my favorite part. If you ever go to Seattle, DO THIS! 

The island has 7 wineries on it. Each one has it's own tasting room on the main block. Island Vintners actually has 3 in one, but you get the point.

This is what a girl with homemade chocolate, peanut butter ice cream and a molten lava chocolate cake looks like. The ice cream place is called Mora... It's phenomenal!!  

At the second winery, Eleven, they served their dessert wine in a little chocolate. It was pretty cool!

 We had dinner at Hitchcock, which is a restaurant that serves all local stuff. If you go here try the Baywater Sweet Oysters if they're on the menu. Can you say delish?!

I still have dreams about this pork chop! I can't begin to tell you how amazing it was.

After dinner we headed back to Island Vintners and listened to a band! Delightful!

We caught the ferry back (that runs until 2 AM, I think) and caught this shot of the Space Needle in our reflection.

Our last day in Seattle we went to Top Pot Doughnuts -- Thanks Sarah Linville for the suggestion! We also checked out Piroshky, Piroshky and had a ... wait for it.... Piroshky by the water! 

The raspberry bullseye was delightful.

Piroshky, Piroshky made some right in front of us. It was cool to see how they make them.

 We tried and shared a few of them. We had a Chicken & Rice, Beef & Cheese, & a Salmon. Chicken and Rice was my fave!

View from our lunch table.

Enjoying the beautiful day and great food!

Next up: The Flight of One Million Children and finally making it to Okinawa!!!


  1. This is going to blow your mind but - Gabby lived on Bainbridge.

    1. Omg, she's so lucky! What a beautiful place to live. :) Totally jealous.

  2. Seattle is a blast. I had the same chowder at Pike's Place. Best ever. Did you get to see the one fish market where they yell out what the name of the fish and throw it to the guy to wrap it. Pretty cool. Glad you both made the best of a great opportunity!

    1. We saw it, but they only threw one fish while we were around. Still pretty cool!


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