Typhoon Tyranny

So, we were supposed to leave on Thursday morning with an arrival time of Friday at 8:50 PM in Okinawa. Turns out, the typhoon season here in Japan had other plans. Let me set this story up real nice for ya....

Mark and I left Jacksonville with an intended destination of Atlanta. Before we could even make it to Atlanta, the weather got bad and there was wind shift. Apparently, when this happens, the airport makes everyone land in the opposite direction. However, our plane didn't plan ahead and we didn't have enough fuel to change directions. Therefore, we landed in Augusta. I told Mark he did that on purpose so that he could enjoy a couple more minutes on his old stomping grounds.

"Last NC sunset"

Turns out, because of that little pitstop, we missed 2 confirmed flights from Atlanta to Seattle. Long story short, we DID get a confirmed seat and make it to Seattle by midnight.... just in time to get in line for our check-in.

The line with 2 hrs to go before the ticket counter opened. 

Mark and I stayed up all night so that we could sleep easier on the flight, we checked in without incident, and had our "last breakfast in America." We walked over to the gate, where everyone was ready to get on the plane. Then.... there was the announcement... 

"Due to a typhoon that will soon reach Okinawa, your flight has been delayed..." *Long pause* "...until Sunday."

The plane we were SUPPOSED to get on

What did that mean for us? Lots of time in Seattle! We had a blast and got to see a part of the country that neither of us had ever been. Eventually, our flight was delayed another day. However, we made the best of the trip and had a great time all around. 

No sleep. Heading straight into downtown Seattle.

I loved my 'flight-ready' outfit... that never actually made it to the flight it was intended for

The Flowers at Pike Place Market were some of the prettiest that I've ever seen.

 The first Starbucks ever!
The biggest cookie in the whole world.

Alaskan crab. Bigger than Mark's entire hand.

Day 1 Complete!

Before I fill you in on the 'Flight of One Million Children' you'll see more pictures from our Seattle adventure. There's just too many for one post and/or not to share at all!

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