DIY: TV Stand

Mark and I really needed a TV stand, but the whole front of the house is wood so we needed something with color. We found a secondhand furniture store close by and, after only one trip, we came home with a decent TV table for $30.

It has plenty of space for the Xbox, the surround sound system, DVD player, etc. It was in pretty good condition, too. However, I couldn't stand any more wooden stuff in the living room. Between the government furniture and the beautiful statement wall, we were on overload. Mark trusted me with this project because I don't think there was an ounce of him that could visualize what I could possibly do to it. He knew I was going to paint it, but that's about it.

I had a lot to consider. We have a brown couch, a yellow recliner coming in October, and sea foam green curtains. I started playing around with a 'palettes' app on my phone and came up with this:

It looks a little beachy when it's just sitting here side by side, but I don't visualize beachy when I see it. However, we do live on a tropical island so I was okay with it regardless. So on to the DIY part!

I went to the Makeman store, which is kind of like a Lowe's. I was looking for paint, but knew I would need some primer because the table was the vinyl wood stuff. This is where I thought my progress was going to come to a halt. Everything is in Japanese! ... Shocking, I know. No worries, the man in the paint department was very helpful and we figured it out together.

Hey look "plastic primer"!

 Did you guess that I picked this color from the palette choices?

Okay, so both of these things are in English, but in my defense the instructions are in Japanese so I wasn't sure how the spray paint would work on the table. It worked great! We had a few rain showers... by that I mean it rained the entire time I was trying to paint. However, I was able to move it into our trusty garage until the storms passed.

This is where I tried to paint the whole time to avoid putting blue marks on our concrete. I barely left a mark here and, by the time the storm passed, it was gone.

Rain, rain go away!

During this multiple day process, the Marine Gift Shop was having their Thailand sale. They have sellers from there that come in every year and bring in a really big shipment. I went and I'm so happy I did. I found the perfect throw pillows! They just brought everything together, which was something that our friend said throw pillows are great at doing. ;)

Um, hello?! Sea foam, yellow, brown, AND turquoise. It must be a sign!

Yep, I love it.

I spent a few days getting enough paint on the table to cover it. It really soaked it in! Then, I realized that I wanted it to be shiny and the turquoise paint was flat. I went back to the Makeman store and found two bottles; both had clear caps, one had blue writing & the other had red. I asked the lady what the difference was she held up the blue, "Not shiny." and then the red,  "Shiny." Red it is! 


Viola! We have a new TV table and Mark likes it, too! We are considering flipping the couch and TV. It just seems to make a little more sense if we do that. Right now, we aren't planning on getting cable so it doesn't really matter where the hook-up for that is.

Sorry the pictures aren't too terribly amazing. I'm working on that, but I think you get the point. This was the first DIY project that I did for our new home, but it definitely won't be the last!

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