Dragon Boat Racing!

Before I get to the good stuff... Wait, who am I kidding? It's all good stuff, but before I get to the racing I want to give you a quick recap of our OkiNapa adventures. Here on the island, once a year, there's an OkiNapa event where they have a TON of wine brought in and have a tasting. They also have amazing food. I'm serious, the food was extremely delicious. If you find wine that you like it's available for purchase that night and, for the most part, only that night because a lot of the wine there isn't available on the island. We bought a case, but there were people spending over $400 (I witnessed it)!

Our Okinawa Family: John, Alisha, Mark & I.

Our Okinawa Family trying some wine.

Okay, on to the next item of business! John came to the island about 2 months before we did so he had a pretty good idea of the island by the time we made it. One thing that he had already ventured into was Dragon Boat Racing. The best part is that he had already participated in one race and invited Mark to join the team for their next race! How awesome is that?!

Mark found out on Thursday that there was an open spot on the team for Sunday. We also found out that there was practice bright and early on Saturday morning. I was dreading it a little bit, but once I got there I realized how beautiful the water was that early. The only ripples in the water were made by the boat as they paddled out. Gorgeous!

I had some time to hang out on the dock while they were practicing and I really couldn't get over how pretty it was! I had a magazine to read, but instead I just looked around. I still need to read that magazine...

I snagged this picture while I was checking everything out.
So fast forward to Sunday. Traveling through time is always fun... We headed to Naha, which is in the southern point of the island and where most of you will fly into when you come visit. When we got there, the team had set up tents and chairs with lots of food and other goodness. There was also food vendors there and Mark, obviously, had to try some! 
Concentrating on his doughnut, hot dog bun thingy.
After some good food and hanging out it was time for the guys to race! Alisha and I sat right on the edge of the water and caught as much of the action as possible. I'll let the pictures speak for the rest.

I think it's safe to say he had a good time.

They didn't win, but I think that it was a victory for our guys. haha.. I'm so cheesy.


Doing what they do.

They had a great time and Mark is hoping to be a part of the big dragon boat race in November. From what we hear, it's a boat of 30-something people and it's the kind with the big dragon head on the front. 

After the guys had their fun, they took Alisha and I to Okinawa World. That recap is up next and I'm so very excited about!!

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