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Earlier this month, I signed up for a Pen Pal Exchange via Fancylittlethings.com. We got an email that listed our pal's contact info, some favorite things, and some funny info (80s styles that you think shouldn't make a comeback). It was really fun to go out and shop for little goodies to send back to someone in the states and the anticipation was killing me as I waited for my package to arrive!

Like always, the typhoons around here seem to have different plans than I do and I had to delay shipping my package out. Luckily, my pal was completely understanding and we made a new date! About a week later, Mark came home with a little US Priority Mail box that was beaten up something fierce, but I was too excited to care!


In this highly anticipated box, I received a button bracelet, a key chain, and a hot cup of coffee stencil. The cool thing about all of these things are they came from my pal's own collection. She also wrote an awesome letter explaining why the pieces had meaning to her and then folded it like we used to in middle school. Oh, memories!

I appreciate that she took things that have her own memories tied to them and passed them on for me to enjoy. I love sending and receiving mail so this won't be my last exchange. Actually, if we're being honest, I've already signed up for another one through C.R.A.F.T. and I'm pumped about it!

I'm looking forward to hearing from my pal, Danielle, but I'll wait patiently because I'm sure she's busy giving great marriage advice over on her end of the blogosphere!

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  1. you sent a ROCKIN' package to Danielle -- WOW!!!! thank you so much for participating!

    i ADORE that button bracelet!! :)


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