Home Sweet Home

As most of you know, we had a visitor last weekend. Sanba, our first typhoon, graced us with her presence on Saturday and lasted until Sunday evening. The great news is our house is really, really strong and we barely even heard it raining. From what I've heard, most of everything is back to business as usual. I tried to get some pictures of the storm, but from our house it just looked like it was overcast and raining.

 Usually, you can see the water in the distance. Not during Sanba!

It's raining really hard in this picture.

Throughout the majority of the storm, the locals were still out and about. They really just roll their eyes at these typhoons! They probably look at all of us (as we peer through our windows) and think, "Silly Americans, it's just a little rain and wind." In our defense, we did lose power on Sunday and didn't get it back until pretty late into the evening.

Luckily, we were able to move in before Sanba showed up, which gave us a lot to do while we were stuck in the house. Oh, house? Ah... I knew I had something to show you! I present to you: Gima (Gee-Mah) House.

 The front of our strong, concrete home.

 Do you see how big that garage is?!

Isn't she a beauty?! I tried to Google what "Gima" means and I found something that said it meant garden and something else that said it meant, "to 'fake linen'. It feels like linen, but does soften up greatly as soon as you handle or wash it." So, who knows! 

My house key (yayyy!!) and my homemade key chain from Okinawa World!

Moving in was quick and painless. All of the moving, internet, gas, and housing people came on the same day and before we knew what was happening they were all done. Literally, at one point they were all at the house at the same time. Talk about crazy!

They pulled right up to our balcony and passed things over.

It's 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. The living room/dining room is really big and the kitchen has a lot of cabinet space. There is a pantry, we have a washer and dryer, and a really big patio. Oh... you want to see pictures?? Consider all of these the "before" pictures because a lot has changed since they were last taken, but I'm not going to reveal the "after' until it's complete... or closer. Right now, it's just a mess.

 These pictures really don't give the kitchen justice. It's not huge, but it has a ton of storage... aka awesomeness.

 The back of this photo shows the pantry a little.

The couch now sits in this area.

Yes, we have a faux tree. It's real wood, but there are no roots. I like it... lots of character between the tree and the back wall.

We are currently looking for rugs and other little things that are sure to make our house a home. I've been finding some great pieces (shout out to the Marine Gift Shop) and think that if we continue to be patient we'll find everything we're looking for. Our household goods shipment will be here at the end of October so that'll be like Christmas... except for the dreadful part of separating all of the trash. Remind me to tell you about Okinawa recycling soon.


  1. How exciting - I can't wait to see it in person! Looks like you guys found a great place to call home :)

  2. Looks great. So glad you were safe during the typhoon.

  3. Awesome tree in the room! House looks great, glad you are settling in OK.


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