Jela.. wattttt??

That's what we were saying as we watched typhoon #2 rip through Okinawa yesterday. They predicted that Jelawat would be a regular typhoon, opposed to the super typhoon we had a few weekends ago. However, this was much stronger than Sanba!

Thanks, Stormy, for the photo.

We woke up relatively early because the wind was whistling outside. Our strong house didn't let no stinking hurricane mess with it so, as for our safety, we were fine. Unfortunately, the stuff outside of our house couldn't say the same. The power flickered a few times, but that didn't stop us from making a delicious breakfast!

Mark said this bacon/pancake skillet combo reminded him of spending time with his Uncle Cliff.

Then, it happened... the inevitable! The power went out and this time it was gone for about 12 hours. Mark and I put on our big kid britches and tried not to complain when it became a muggy mess in the house. Instead, Mark looked at his coins and I started a new DIY project. We also took pictures, but I couldn't really capture how strong the wind was really blowing. Here's an example: there is a huge hill in front of our house and, typically, things flow down it. However, we watched rain come UP the hill yesterday!

Since I don't really give Jelawat the justice she was, apparently, looking for I'll show some pictures and videos that were posted online from people who live on-base.

Cars don't typically park like that in Okinawa, I promise.

The AFN Satellite (radio, tv, etc...) was turned into a little taco.

Yeah... that wasn't supposed to happen.

As you can see, the wind was pretty dang strong! Luckily, we haven't heard about any injuries. I would like to say that's because people are smart enough not to go outside, but that's not true. We were hearing about people walking their dogs, going to check on their cars, record video... you get the picture. Speaking of video, let me show you the best (well, the worst) one that I saw. 


Or maybe this one?


As you can tell, it got pretty ugly. Everything is back to normal now and the beauty of it all is that today was gorgeous and the humidity was gone. I know people are dealing with a lot of claims and frustrations, but Mark and I are, thankfully, not in the category! The only thing that has damage around the house is the old fence that needed to be replaced anyway.

Mark being so excited that (a) I'm taking a picture of him and (b) the patio is so gross.

 Our street.

Our, not so strong, fence.

*All photos & videos that were not personally mine came from the AFN Okinawa Facebook page unless otherwise noted.*

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