Katsuren Castle Ruins

Before I tell you about the awesome part of our day, I'm going to tell you how it started...

Mark left to do some checking in, but he thought he'd be back around lunch. We made plans to go explore our new neighborhood and grab a bite to eat. However, like most plans, they changed. He got stuck at work and that left me to go 'explore' on my own. Well, that didn't go so well. For starters, I headed in the wrong direction and couldn't get off base for the life of me. I finally found a gate only to find out that it was the only gate that was surrounded by absolutely nothing. Ha! You can see where this is going. Before I had to call Mark to come get me, I did find some cool things on base.

Moving on! Mark and I started driving around and found an awesome place! Katsuren Castle Ruins just kind of popped up out of no where during our drive. We pulled into a parking lot, that we later found out was the visitor center, and we took a little impromptu trip to the top of the ruins. I'm just going to show a bunch of pictures and they basically explain themselves.

"Katsuren Castle is most famous as the seat of Lord Amawari in the 15th century. According to legend, Amawari was a sickly child that got abandoned in the mountains to die. However, the child survived and grew into a powerful leader who defeated an oppressive lord and took over Katsuren Castle. Amawari's later attempt to attack Shuri Castle ended in failure and his death." -- via Japan-Guide.com 

That's the Pacific Ocean over there!

 What an awesome tree! 

At the visitor center they had funny cut-outs so, of course, we had to take some pictures.

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