Okinawa World, oh how I love your little face!

After an awesome morning of dragon boat racing we (Alisha and I) tried to decide what the crew was going to do. Since we were in Naha, it was a special kind of day because we don't often make that trip. We, eventually, decided to go Okinawa World. This little gem was a cross between Conner Prairie (shout out to my Indiana loves), Cave City, and a gift shop. Literally, everything Okinawa was combined into this little joyful place.

First, we went through the Gyokusendo cave. Apparently, this is the park's main attraction. However, I found other things to be way more fun. You'll understand shortly...

Once we made it to the other end of the cave we were just getting started! My fun started when I found the handmade postcard building. This was after we saw them making glassware, but before we made it to the weaving building. Yes... crafts, crafts, and more crafts. This girl had died and gone to craft world.

First we learned how to make the actual postcard. We had to dip the whole thing in some stuff... it's all very top secret. Ha!

Then, we decorated it. They offered us a lot of different paper cut outs.

Then, children came to tell us how impressed they were with our artwork.

After we made our postcards, we started wondering. Mostly because Alisha was thirsty and I was too excited to make more crafts to drink water. Alisha found me making a key chain. Yep, sitting right there being taught how to weave a key chain. 

Lastly, we made a tea mat. I'm not sure if that's really what it's called, but I'm sticking with that. We were using dyes and they had rice paper on the cloth to make the design. Currently, it's in the other room because the lady said it needed a week to dry before we could wash the rice paper off.

Throughout our entire crafting session, the boys had been at the brewery. Yep, Okinawa World even has beer. How delightful! Once they found us (after we watched them pass us once) John decided he wanted to join. Mark, however, knows better and was happy to see my projects and let me be in my happy place.

I talked Mark into participating in the 'Doctor Fish' building. The pictures are hilarious and Mark walked away with a pretty awesome Man-pedicure. (I almost wrote manicure and realized that that's a real thing.)

Those are tiny little fishies eating the dead skin off of his feet. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

John joined in, eventually, but he's pretty... no severely... ticklish.

The last thing we did before leaving Okinawa World was hold a snake. For the record, I was completely opposed to this but Alisha put her brave pants on and tried to talk me into it. I decided that I would do it only if Mark and John actually held it and we just pretended. Alisha tells me that I'm being silly and that we don't need the boys... blah blah blah. 

This is the professional picture that was taken when we first sat down. Notice, I'm smiling.... and I'm also ripping Mark's thumb off. But lets direct our attention to Miss Brave Pants. Turns out, she's not so into the snake idea. hahaha! This picture gives me so much joy. The boys are clearly having a great time, too.

Not long after this picture was taken, Mark pointed out that his hand was on my shoulder and what I thought were his fingers was actually the snake wrapping around my arm. I was not into that and, very quickly, moved from his lap.


  1. Haha, I LOVE this post! Miss you!

  2. That last picture is GREAT! I'm so happy for you and all of your adventures!!! :)

  3. Love all that you're posting. Keep it up!


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