Pit Stops and Realtors

Throughout our week on the island we have done a lot of searching, shopping, and more searching for things like cars, homes, and good food. Luckily, we have found all three!

Yes, in one week it is possible to buy a car, find an awesome home, and eat!! I'm not sure how we found time for the third item, but if we didn't I can assure that Mark would have been a serious Grumpy Pants!

"Sushi-go-around" -- aka tons of sushi goes around on a conveyor belt & you pick whatever you want. The plates are coded so you know pricing.

Mark and I made a trip to Naha yesterday. Randomly found this place. Loved it! This was the appetizer. For our meal I had some fantastic pork and Mark had chicken that was equally as delish.

I found out about Cactus Eatrip from OkinawaHai.com. OhMyGoodness it was really good. I had prosciutto, cream cheese, and avocado on a cheese curry bagel.

In Naha yesterday, we tackled our first parking lot and finally snagged a drink from one of the millions of vending machines. They are literally everywhere. Mark read that for every 7 people there is a machine. Our sponsor told us that you'll be driving in the middle of nowhere, with no buildings around, and then BAM! a vending machine will pop up. 

I say "tackled" our first parking lot because when you pull into a spot a little thing goes up under your car so that you can't drive off. The machine that you use to pay the fee is all in Japanese. Luckily, the art of guessing helped us out and we were only stumped for a few minutes.

The vending machine. Mark got the tea (bottom left). He said it was really good, but had no sugar. I got a lime, carbonated drink. It tasted like Sprite and Mellow Yellow had a child... that's a good thing, btw.

Tonight we pick up our car. For the next (hopefully) three years we'll be sporting a '98 Toyota Windsor. We call my sister's car the "Ghetto Cruiser" and I told her that our car is the silver, Japanese brother to her car. It's really not a bad looking car and it has plenty of space for all the visitors who have promised to come!

Since Friday, we have been driving a free rental that the car lot, Pit Stop, offered to us. It has been delightful to be on our own schedule and not have to have our sponsor drive us everywhere. With the freedom of a car comes lots of maps, wrong turns, and exploring. However, we've managed just fine! I've only driven once and I did okay, but Mark is getting pretty good at it. If only he'd learn to brake sooner...

 My first time driving! I'm not gonna lie, it ended in tears. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. 

I am also very happy to say that we found a home and it was approved by our housing department on base. We have signed the lease and started the process of getting furniture through the Furnishings Management Office (FMO). Basically, they offer us couches and what not to fill the void of not being able to ship all of our belongings over here. At the end of the three years, we'll give it all back. We are hoping that we'll get some fancy-smancy furniture from here because we hear that it's awesome.

I have a few pictures of our future home, but I want to wait until we have more before I show any. (Gotta keep ya coming back, right?!) If you know me, you know I will most definitely be showing off our new place.

Here's a sneak peek of our "distant ocean view"

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  1. Hahaha on the braking part :) I can't wait to see pictures of the new home!!


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