This Week's Instant Replay

I know, way back when I was doing Olympic-themed posts, I said that it was over. However, I really liked the "Instant Replay" portion so I'm going to continue to do them. They won't be literally everything from one specific week. Instead, it'll be a quick recap of the cool stuff that we've done that doesn't have the girth (What a fun word!) to have it's own post.

From top to bottom:
(1) My sister got Mark and I this amazing rhino picture as a housewarming gift. It's the coolest... ever! For a few days Mark marched around with it like it was an actual Persian soldier.
(2) I got my first Japanese mani/pedi. I ventured to Dulce instead of Coco's because I like to give the underdogs a fair chance. Coco's is the big, popular salon around here and Dulce is a close #2.
(3) We tried some traditional Japanese sweets. It's basically two mini waffles with chocolate filling in the middle. They also do this with pancakes and they have all sorts of fillings & a variety of waffle flavors.
(4) I found an AMAZING nursery walking distance from our house. I plan to go back there many, many times and learn a lot of the head gardener.
(5) During Sanba, we realized we had awholelotta wine and no wine opener. I Googled "how to open wine without a corkscrew" and tried about 10 different way... including a nail and pliers.

(1) I Skyped with my stateside wine loves. They drank wine, I drank orange juice. As you can see by their faces, my stories are pretty amazing. Ha! Actually, my screen froze and this is what they looked like for a long time before it went back to normal.
(2) I drove by myself for the first time in Oki!! I feel much more comfortable than I did before.
(3) While shopping at a Lowes-type store, I found a beautiful hummingbird in the garden section.
(4) I got lost while I was driving (shocking) and ended up on a side road. I pulled over to take a picture because the view was delightful!
(5) I've been doing a lot of furniture shopping and I've been dreaming about this piece ever since Alisha spotted it for me! I want it reallllll bad. :)

It probably seems like a lot of activities haven't included Mark and that's because... they haven't included him. He had to go to Korea for a few days so I've been on my own. I think it was good that I haven't had him to rely on for driving and I, hopefully, get something cool from Korea! Whoop!

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