Yomitan Pottery Village

My friend Alisha invited me to celebrate her birthday with her on September 6th. Her only birthday wish was to have a 'no decision making' day. Therefore, I was given the task of figuring out how we were going to do the celebrating. Luckily, we are both into local awesomeness and I had heard about the "Yomitan Pottery Village." 

After some birthday Skype action with her family and a lost cab driver, we made it to the pottery village! We weren't really sure what to expect (besides pottery) so we just dove right in. First off, the hand blown glass workshop. This was spectacular! It was so beautiful. Not only were they making amazing lamp shades, cups, and bowls out of recycled glass, but they were working with so much poise and grace that it was truly an art form of its own.

Making a beautiful lamp shade

I think that my favorite part of the entire thing is that it's all made out of recycled bottles. I read somewhere that it was dying art in Okinawa until we came and (1) created a lot more materials for them to use (2) loved how beautiful everything was! I, honestly, could have sat there and watched them work all day. 

We kept walking because we were, in fact, just getting started! Along the way we found a ton of great pottery. Most of the shops looked like someone's home and probably were, which made it a little more special. Everyone was super friendly and was more than happy to help us or show off one of their pieces, despite the fact that we couldn't understand what the other was saying.

This was, probably, my favorite piece of the whole day.

This is a little flower vase that has Okinawa cut out of the top. Alisha & I both bought one of these gems!

I love this shelf and I want one.

We walked and walked and walked until we had seen everyone's shop. Our last stop was at a shop that also had a restaurant in it. We had some fantastic ramen and really good conversations. Also, we had something that looked and tasted similar to a hush puppy but it was tofu. Rather tasty!

The birthday girl enjoying lunch! 

Once we left Yomitan, I was in charge of picking the direction that we went next. However, I'm terrible with directions so we ended up going down a road that had a ton of greenhouses.... and that's it. Whoops! We found out, from a very nice Japanese man, that they were growing goya and some kind of flower. Then, we went to a place that sold honey where we are almost positive that they had us eat face lotion. Yuck! Lastly, we got into a cab to go north but went south. 

Turns out, if you have a 'no decision making' day you really shouldn't recruit me as your navigator and head decision maker. Ha! Regardless, I think I can speak for the two of us and say that we had a great day and look forward to many more. 

Happy Birthday, Alisha!!

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