This Month's Instant Replay

Happy Halloween! To celebrate here's an instant replay of the past month... yep, not a week or two, but a month! Time has really flown by.

From top to bottom:
(1) I started playing basketball again. Not just, "Hey, let me shoot for 5 minutes and move on," type basketball. I actually joined a team. So far, so good. I thought that there was an opportunity for me to play on the "All Marine" team, but I recently found out that it's for Active Duty only. Bummer!
(2) That's my new car. To be perfectly honest, I don't even know what it's called. Mark's coworker is PSCing in a few weeks and, thankfully, was asking a good price. Yay!
(3) I've been crafting! That, my friend, is a glass beaded safety pin bracelet. I really like it & hope that my "package pal" enjoys it, too.
(4) Loving the views around here. No matter what time of day, it's gorgeous.

(1) I entered a cooking contest in an effort to meet Iron Chef Morimoto. Unfortunately, my Chicken & Rice Curried Soup didn't make it to the finals, but I had a really good time trying!
(2) We're still geocaching and really enjoying it. This one was the first hard one that we encountered that was up in the weeds and rocks.
(3) I started doing my own manicures because I was getting really frustrated with my chipped nails after getting them done the day before. It's way too expensive to only last a day. I'm proud to announce my "at-home" mani lasted a full week! Ha!
(4) OUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS CAME! We have all of our stuff and that's awesome!

This collage is all about Geocaching because I'm obsessed. I look forward to every trip, hunt, and find! It's been a great thing for Mark and I to do together.

(1) The very first ammo can that we found.
(2) The ammo can that almost made us give up, but we put on our war faces and found it.
(3) Our second geocache that we found.
(4) The first ammo can that I found before Mark actually found it. I was very proud of myself.

(1) After we got our household goods shipment, I made apple butter from scratch & Mark made waffles. Mmmmm!
(2) Mark ate A LOT of sushi at 100 Yen sushi ($1/plate).... J/k that's not all his, but he tried to trick me. I am serious about $1 sushi though... it's nothing to joke about!
(3) My loving, amazing friends from Indiana got us this piece of art as our wedding gift. It's a bride and a groom. The groom is made of Mark's name and the bride is made up of my name, including my maiden name. It now hangs right inside our front door & is a gift I'll forever cherish.
(4) This is the photo collage that I put together in our hallway. I love it! Pictures are so important to me in making a house a home and we're getting really close to the "home" feeling!

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