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Back in October, Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T. hosted Package Pals, a program that pairs you up with a stranger and you send each other fun craft stuff. Yes, I said it was in October and this post is definitely over due. In my (and my pals) defense, we were mailing from Japan to Australia and it took a little longer than we anticipated. Also, I found out the hard way that if I use the post office on base they send my package to the states before Australia. Ummm... that might be the dumbest thing ever!

My pal, Bonnie, is from Australia and lives on a sheep/cattle/cropping farm. When she told me this I imagined it to be the most tranquil, delightful place ever! It sounds awesome, right?! Maybe it just reminded me of home? Either way, I loved it.

Here is what she said about herself, "I enjoy making, baking and creating! I love the colour purple. I love all bright colours. I love beading and have just started doing a bit of sewing. I would prefer something handmade." ... and here is what I made her!

I bought a terra cotta pot and some Okinawa "bingata" fabric. Then, I made my own modge podge because they don't have that in Okinawa. Later, Alisha brought me some back from the states... Yay!! I didn't want to just send a pot so I put some seeds that I found at our local hardware store, Makeman.

After the terra cotta pot I was on a modge podge binge. I made these fabric flowers back in the day (like, months ago. They're SO vintage! Ha!) and I've turned most of them into pins. These were leftovers that were just waiting to find a home. So, I took a soup can and make a pencil holder with fabric that I had on hand (purple because that's her fave) and glued the flowers on. I loved how it turned out and have a can waiting for me to make for myself.

This is something that I've been wanting to do for a while. You take crayons, glue them to a canvas and use a hair dryer to melt them. At first, I wasn't so sure it was going to work. However, give it a second to melt through a waxy outer coat and BAM! it's melting all over the place. Then, I flipped it over, added some flowers to the "stems" and added a quote. I was inspired to do this for Bonnie because of the bright colors and the quote. She didn't say in her quick "about me" that she enjoyed inspirational quotes, but after looking at her Pinterest I caught on pretty quickly!

This is a safety pin bracelet. I saw it on Pinterest and really wanted to try it. That's the beauty of these craft exchanges, you can try new things and you never build up the crazy amount of inventory because they're gifts!! Anyway, I used elastic thread and glass beads. Fill up the needle part of the pin as far as you can, leaving enough space to close it. Then, all you have to do is loop 2 pieces of the thread, on the top of the pin & bottom of it, through and you have an awesome bracelet. I made this one a little too tight for myself, but based on Bonnie's Pinterest picture she is much more petite than me. 

As for me, I got some awesome stuff! I can't remember what I told her, but she chose some great things that I really love. First, I got some Christmas ornaments. I think that they can have numerous different uses, but 'tis the season & they're on our Charlie Brown Christmas tree! I got a pink duck, a blue heart, and a blue duck. Since Bonnie is learning how to sew, I'd have to say she must be learning a lot! They look great!

Next up, I got a really pretty box. I still haven't decided what I'm going to use it for, but I'm also not done organizing my craft room so I'm thinking maybe a desk organizer. You can't tell from the picture, but the sides are covered in a really awesome fabric.

Lastly, Bonnie made some note cards for me. I was so excited about this! I love sending letters in the mail or leaving a note for Mark every now and again. They are perfect & I've added them to my stash of stationary that comes in handy so, so often.

Thanks, Bonnie! I had a great time making everything for you and I hope you did, too. Next time, I'll have to plan better for shipping purposes. 

**Sorry the font is different from the other posts. Sometimes Blogger decides to hate me.**


  1. this is so neat! i love seeing all the things that come out of your creativity/craftiness.


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