Forest Adventure Park

Here on Okinawa, there is a group called N.I.O.S.C. (North Island Officer Spouses' Club). Every month they have a coffee and they also do a field trip. Last month was my first time meeting some of the ladies at the October Bunco Coffee. Until that day, I had never played bunco.... Fortunately, I had a blast.

Because I had so much fun, I was excited to see that this month's field trip was to Forest Adventure Park! It's a zip-lining & obstacle course park. So.Much.Fun! It helped that it was a really great group, too. It took us (9 ppl) about 3 hrs or so to get through the course, but it seemed to go fast.

 Our "before" picture

First up, we got all harnessed in and got our instructions. I really thought that we were going to have a guide... and possibly a helmet, but that didn't happen. Ha! We got a quick tutorial and then, BAM, go for it! A little unnerving, considering our translator did everything wrong when she started... Ha!

Getting ready and feeling all anxious and nervous. 

After this, he went across and basically said, "Ok, good luck."

Our "translator", Chris, doing her thing after she figured out the harness.

Once we got started and got through the nervousness we all had a blast. There are about 7 zip-lines and they ranged from a 1-3 in difficulty. Between each line there were different types of bridges and ropes, which made for some interesting times. 

I took this picture while zipping across the trees. Amazing!

"Oh crap, this is a really long one."

The worst part of all of them were the landings. You'd be having so much fun just floating across the trees and then, all of the sudden, you'd be hitting the mulch realllyyy hard. Hilarious but a little painful at the same time.

Picture by Christa Paustenbaugh

Picture by Christa Paustenbaugh

... And then there's this one who had an uncanny ability to land on her feet. 

Lastly, there was this Tarzan swinging obstacle. It was insane, but amazing and fun!  I have videos of each of us swinging & will share those on Facebook For now, here's mine!

It was extremely fun and I'm so glad that I went. I'm excited to hear about the next field trip! However, we have a coffee coming up that I'm looking forward to, too.

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