Grateful, 有難い

Grateful, 有難い: adjective meaning thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude.

I used an app on my iPhone to find out what the kanji for "arigatai" (meaning grateful) was. Hopefully, it's right! I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of listing things that I'm thankful for. However, I know I would forget to post a Facebook status about it and, honestly, I'm sure people will be "thankful" that I chose just to list them here. Sooo, here we go...
I'm thankful for.......
Skyping with Aunt Nikki & Sophia
1. a home that is strong enough to keep Mark & I safe during typhoons.
2. Skype.
3. being able to see the ocean from our patio.
4. each and every single wedding gift that we received.
5. having the means to pick SIX charities to donate to this year.
6. the memories of the holidays that I have in my heart. Especially the funny ones, like when Grandma put chili powder in her pumpkin pie instead of cinnamon.
7. my family and their ability to come visit us so that the first holiday in Japan won't be so lonely.
8. the base library that has the current GMAT study book so I can prepare to get my Masters.
wine & oj
9. my friends that cheers me with their wine while I drink my OJ (or vise versa)
10. geocaching. A hobby that Mark and I can really work together and strengthen our relationship while enjoying ourselves. (I didn't say there wouldn't be cheesy ones)
11. my bicycle that I should ride more often, but when I do I find cool shops and nice people.
12. the grocery store on base because without it I would have been really skinny by now. Wait, maybe I shouldn't be thankful for that...
13. all of the women that have opened their homes, minds, and hearts to me upon arriving on the island.
14. internet because without it I wouldn't be able to call my dad to tell him good morning before I go to bed.
15. the "Amazing Grace" wind chime that we got as a wedding gift. It brings me so much joy... sometimes it really is the little things.
16. our friends, new and old.... one is silver and the other is gold?? Ha!
17. my car because it's small and fits into tiny, Japanese parking spaces.
18. Mark's boss because he's friendly and awesome. (I don't think he reads this so I'm not brown nosing... hush!)
19. snail mail because it will never get old.
20. how creative, yet functional Okinawans are in every aspect of their lives. We really should be taking notes, USA.
21. MCCS for all of the events, contests, etc... that they have on-island so we don't have time to think about being away from home.

Volunteering at the Kadena Special Olympics
22. my husband being mature and having a financial advisor long before I even knew they existed.
23. Mark's family because they love my blog & tell me all the time. lol ... Seriously, it makes me happy.
24. flat rate shipping boxes.
25. Okinawa Hai because it would be really hard trying to figure out everything here without it.
26. being healthy, happy, and loved.
27. Wine because sometimes, well, I just like to have a glass... or 3?
28. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more because without them I would have lost every picture from 2012 after my hard drive crashed.
29. Blogger because when I have a bad day I can always come here and see all the things that make me happy.
30.My Rhino, my love, my favorite because he loves and supports me no matter how crazy my ideas can be sometimes. I'll leave you with a few examples.
    • Decorating a 6 ft plywood snowman for a contest.
    • Making Thanksgiving dinner even though it's just the two of us (we're sharing with single service members at the USO)
    • Buying a small, pine-looking tree for our "Christmas tree" because I refuse to buy a fake one.
*These are in no particular order. I am thankful for all of them equally.... I'm lying. I am more thankful for people than I am things, most of the time. Ha!*

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