The Soul of Seoul - Cheosnal

Cheosnal means "day one" in Korean, at least that's what Google Translate tells me. Maybe on a normal day I'd be more creative or informative in my title, but it's late and I'm tired. However, I'm going to get a burst of super power energy and excitement to tell you about my first day in South Korea.

Picture of Seoul from my private jet.

Lets start with my flight there because that's when all of my thoughts and feelings were confirmed. The day it was made clear that I was not only extremely awesome, but I was basically famous. Just ask me!

I flew Space-A from Kadena Air Force Base to Osan Air Force Base with no problems whatsoever. It was my first successful Space-A trip and I was pretty pumped about it. Only 2 days after Mark left, I was on my way! We flew on a C-12 with two Army pilots, which I thought was cool because they told us that there are only two C-12s (if I'm completely butchering the lingo, please forgive me) within the Army.

There were three other people on the flight: an older couple and a young Marine. The older gentlemen was very chatty and he found out that I was going to meet Mark in Seoul and he told me all about how he and his wife were traveling all over the place just because they could. We landed smoothly at Osan and I planned to take a bus from there.

Well, we heard someone tell our pilots that they were "all clear" for Seoul. When the old man heard that he told me I should ask them if they would take me with them. I didn't feel comfortable doing that so I just kind of laughed and said something to the effect of, "I know, right?!" That's when he took matters into his own hand, I presume because he knew how awesome/famous I was. We weren't even off the plane yet and he says, "Hey! I hear you are going to Seoul... she need a ride!" The pilots agreed and the next thing I know I'm on "my" private jet to the city.

This is me being totally casual about the fact that I was the only passenger, aka taking a selfy for proof.

The next morning, I slept in because Mark told me that nothing really opened until 10. It took a lot of convincing, but finally I agreed that I wouldn't get up at 5:45AM like he had to to go to work. I'm sure you can imagine how much discussion it took before I finally "gave in" and decided to sleep. However, this became a really bad habit and by the end of the vacation we were setting multiple alarms to be sure that we were up and moving.

I digress... I went to The War Memorial of Korea and to Itaewon by myself the first day because Mark had already been there so I wanted to catch up. However, the way I saw these places was a little different from how Mark did. When Mark went, it was a cool fall-like day. When I went, it was snowing like mad!

It was still great to see because it's BEAUTIFUL. The technology and innovation was so impressive. I really enjoyed a history museum, which speaks volumes. I recommend it to anyone that visits South Korea. If you're staying at the Dragon Hill Lodge, it's literally a 10 minute walk at most.

Itaewon is basically a shopping district. I was so excited to see regular stores like Nike, NorthFace, etc... I didn't buy anything, but there was some kind of comfort in the fact that I could if I wanted to. I only bought a few things because it was my first day and I didn't want to spend all of my money without knowing what I was going to find further into our trip. I did managed to get my makeup done for free though. That was pretty cool considering that was the only part of my body showing since it was so cold.

I got it done at a place called Too Cool For School. Seems appropriate.

I also bought pie. Why? Because I love pie and my rule of "no desserts" only applies if they're in our home. Since we weren't at home, we can have all the pie we want!

Tartine's Brunch & Pie

Tartine's Brunch & Pie is exactly what it says. They have nothing else. It's pretty funny how literal the signs are in Korea. I'm not sure if all of the restaurant names actually translate to what the signs say in English or if they just got tired of translating their menus, but we'd see things like "Beer and Fries" or "The Chicken." Anyways...

Mark and I went to dinner that night at a place called My Chelsea. I picked it because one of my best friend's names is Chelsea. Then, I Instagram-ed a bunch of photos so she knew that I was thinking about her. I mean, what person wouldn't want a famous person to be thinking about them?! Ha. Seriously, I did do all that but it had nothing to do with being famous. I know, I know... it's shocking to know that I'm not actually famous. You'll come to terms with it eventually, I promise.

Our $26 cheese plate that had The Laughing Cow cheese on it.  No kidding, $26 and it was majority Laughing Cow cheese still in the wrappers. Ha!

Day 2 is up next, naturally. It was a fun filled, subway riding type of day! Stay tuned!

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