M.A.K.E - Tie Dye Stationery

I'm in love with stationery. I, seriously, cannot get enough of it. From Scrapbook paper to cute little sticky notes, I'm all about it! I remember in high school making our own notepads... I loved that project! I probably have a few sheets of it in some "keepsake" box that my parents are moving from their old house to their new one right now! Ha!

Step One:

  • Cut your cardstock to whatever size you desire. You don't even have to cut it, if you want full size sheets. I chose to cut mine into 5.5x4. Why? Because I have note card size envelopes that these will fit perfectly into! 
  • Put a rubber band around your cards to make sure they stay evenly stacked. Then, soak them in water about 1/3 of the way up.
I would say for 2-4 minutes. It doesn't take long. However, be sure that water gets onto the middle sheets of paper. I ended up "swishing" my paper around because the middle wasn't getting moist (ew! I hate that word!).

Step Two:

  • Attach another rubber band to the dry end of the paper. Twist it so that you can slide a chopstick through the hole. Do the same on the other side. 
This will create a stable base for your cardstock so that it can stand on end. Side note: Sorry for the random piece of tape. Apparently, I was too distracted to recognize random stuff in the shot.

Step Three:

  • Attach the chopsticks securely to your paper plate. Make sure that they are as close together as they'll get!
This, clearly, doesn't have to be fancy! I didn't have masking tape so I used Japanese painters tape. It worked great! I could have probably used less, but whatevs! Be sure that your paper is standing straight and not leaning to the front or back.

Step Four:

  • Use the dropper and put a few (read: as many as you want) drops of ink down the seam of the paper. 
I recommend not using white on white paper. I thought it would give the red a cool pink swirl look, but it ended up just looking like a stained white streak. There are tons of ink colors that you can get, these are just the 4 that I own. Experiment! If you have plastic droppers, mix the ink together in a separate container (maybe a tin cupcake wrapper) and make your own colors! Go wild, People!

Step Five:

  • Put on your gloves and growl! 
  • Separate each piece of paper and lay them out on your paper towel. 
Just kidding about the growling, but so serious about the gloves! If you don't your hands will be covered in ink. That's no bueno and I'm happy I thought of this BEFORE it happened me!  They tend to stick together a little since they're damp and inked.

Step Six: 

  • After the paper is completely dry, clamp them together evenly.
  • Using Elmer's glue, put a straight line across the clamped seam. Then, smear the line so that each piece is attached to the other.
I use a really technical device to smear the glue... my finger. Once you've put the glue on, if you notice that some of the pages are warped and aren't sticking together that's okay. All you have to do is add more clamps!

Once it's dry, you're done! Now, you have a cute tie dye notepad and you can send me cute letters in the mail.

I had extra pieces of cardstock from cutting mine to a custom size so I used the same method on them. I haven't decided what to use them for. I'm thinking gift bag tags or bookmarks. We'll see!

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