NIOSC Mardi Gras - February 9th, 2013

On February 9th, there is going to be an awesome, big party on Camp Courtney! NIOSC, North Island Officer Spouses' Club, is hosting Mardi Gras at Tengan Castle. The party starts at 7pm. Don't be late!

Tickets are $40. They include dinner, a drink and beads! There will be giveaways... really, awesome giveaways!! There will be music, too! The ladies working on the event are working very hard to make this a blowout party, maybe even the biggest party of the year! Clearly, I'm really excited about this and so should you. Make sure you share this with all of your friends on the island. It's open to all ranks and all services! It's a sponsored event, too... that means that you get to stay out past curfew! If you need a ride, that's covered!
Check this file for all the nitty gritty!

So, bring your beads and masks, shall I suggest this or this. Seriously though, if I haven't said it enough... it's going to be awesome! For ticket information, comment here or visit NIOSC on Facebook. Whoop! Whoop!

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