Ryukyu Glass Craft Village

This month, NIOSC took a trip to the Ryukyu Glass Craft Village. I was especially excited about it because I feel like I keep dragging Mark to all the crafty girly places on island. This time, I got to go with all ladies and he was spared the craftiness!

* I forgot my camera so all pictures, except the last one, are from my iPhone*

I took the above picture without noticing the spelling error. Then, I thought it was entirely too funny not to keep. I digress...

When we first arrived, we had time to shop around and do whatever we wanted before our 11 o'clock appointment to blow some glass! It was nice to see everything that they had, but I was really excited about making something myself. So, I spent most of my time walking around the area where they were making stuff.

When we started the glass blowing process, we were able to choose what color we wanted. There was red, "speckled", dark blue, light blue, annnddd another color but I can't remember. I chose speckled! After choosing our colors, we all stood in line and got to wear cool sleeve thingys and gloves. Then, someone brought over our chosen color (a very hot version of it!) and we blew it into a mold.

They assist with the hard part, but I got to take iron tongs and shape the lip of my cup. If you can't tell, I was really concentrating!! Ha!

There's a short video of me using the tongs and then it leads into this picture because I didn't know she was recording. The best part is I clap for myself at the end like a 2 year old. Ha! I was really happy!!

To top off a fun day, I got some Blue Seal ice cream. A staple here in Okinawa! We didn't get to take home our glasses, but when I have a final picture of mine I'll be sure to post it.

Thanks for the picture, Enid.

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  1. Way cool!
    The look on the glass blower's face after you clapped is priceless.

    Oh, and if you say "Glass Graft Village" to yourself with an asian accent, (glass graff veeredge) it actually sounds just about right.


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