The 5th Annual Sunflower Festival

I love Okinawa! Why? Because they celebrate EVERYTHING... even sunflowers! The 5th Annual Sunflower Festival in Kitankagusuku is running from January 26th - February 3rd. However, you can go anytime and walk around. There's a small stand that was selling some potatoes when I went and they were selling some sunflowers for only 300 yen. From what I understand, once the even starts there will be a lot of local vendors selling fruit, veggies, flowers, etc...

I recently joined a photography group (thanks to a new friend from book club... so many clubs!). Finally! I'm trying to learn my camera, talk to some people that actually know what they're doing and just get out to see more of the island! The group is very helpful and everyone is super nice. I had a question the night that I joined on Facebook and had multiple responses within minutes. It's also great to just sit back and listen. The lingo itself, as a newbie, is even worth the time and effort!

Well, today we met among the sunflowers. That sounds like something I would read in a book, "meet me among the sunflowers at dusk..." Ha! I'm such a dork. Anyway, we went the day before the festival actually started and I'm really glad we did. From what I hear, it gets pretty jam packed. There is no parking so everyone parks on the street. Also, they make their own paths through the fields, which makes me think that everything would be trampled. Maybe I was just spoiled because I got to go early??

I have lots of memories involving sunflowers. They remind me of my mom... at some point they were her favorites. If I remember correctly, we used to have sunflowers by a white fence on the side of our house. I'm pretty positive my parents room used to have sunflower wallpaper in it and they had a sunflower comforter. How incredibly country of them! Hehe! Needless to say, it was refreshing to walk around and think of all of these things.

Since they are moving into a new home now, we'll have to make new memories of sunflowers. Hopefully, between my sister and I, we can use our photos to decorate their new (read: awesome!) house! Mom, you'll have to pick! I think they'd be a great addition to the wildflower area that my sister will be putting in, too.

Here's my attempt at directions: If you're coming from the Foster Legion gate, go straight on 81. Go under the expressway and then follow the signs that have sunflowers on it. I can't read Kanji, but the signs have a sunflower in the top corners. It's close to the Kitankagusuku Jr High School. Here's a picture of where the school is... Good luck!


  1. I love your blog! and the poor trampled sunflower....our kids were wreaking havoc before the festival even started LOL Glad to meet you and looking forward to seeing you at more photo meet-ups! :)

  2. Ok, I am hooked on your blog now, just working my way through all the posts! I have a photography hobby also, I was wondering if you had any more information about the photog club there in Oki that your apart of? Can anyone join?

    1. Hey! Anyone can join, but you have to have a request sent to you. If you email me (k.phries@gmail.com) I'll link you to this group and others if you'd like! You're going to love Oki!

    2. Is the group the photokinawa-shutterbugs? I found it!


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