The Soul of Seoul: Day 5

By day 5 of our trip, we were sort of "searching" for things to do. Not to say there wasn't PLENTY, but the weather was really starting to wear on us. We headed out a little later than planned, as usual. So, instead of heading to breakfast, we were eating lunch!

We went to a place called "The Chicken." Our plan was to go to The Trick Eye Museum so we just took the 2 subway to Hongik Station, exit 9, and started walking around. If I remember correctly, The Chicken is across the street from where the museum is. It's on the second level and the food is fantastic. The picture above was the only dish that she offered us (it was only 11AM so it might have been the only thing ready because that's when they open??). There's chicken, obviously, in it. It's SUPER spicy, which Mark loved. I ate it up like it was nothing because it tasted so good, but later the heartburn was a bit intense. However, it was totally worth it because it's just so tasty!

I took a business card because I just knew that I would want to tell people to go there. Hmm, sometimes I am so smart! Ha!

After we went there, we found the Trick Eye Museum. The directions that we had confused us, but Mark is a super navigator so we eventually found it. It's an interactive museum so basically they've painted stuff on the walls to make it look 3D and then you stand next to it and it looks like you're part of the painting. Really fun!

I just realized that I have a nice map for this place, too! This should make it really simple to get there:

After we left there, we headed back so we'd be close to the Dragon Hill Lodge by dusk-ish. On a previous visit, Mark had seen the antique district in Itaewon but he didn't get the chance to actually explore. So, that was our next stop! Seriously, if I lived in Seoul, we would go here often and have some awesome pieces in our house. Literally, every store was an antique shop. It was really cool to see and Mark did find some cool stuff. He's a coin collector so he was most excited about the "coin guy" that we found on one corner. That was until he found out he bought something from him that wasn't worth what he thought. 

Once we were done there we, of course, went back to Tartine's and got more pie. Mmm, mmm, mmm! This time, I got a mixed berry pie and Mark got a chocolate mousse one... both were delish! My hot chocolate was good, but not great. However, this was after my amazing cinnamon cup of goodness so I think I was judging everything off of that. 

We wrapped up the night with some darts and drinks at Bull & Barrel. Our first night in Seoul, we tried this place out and had a great time. It's two levels and from the looks of it it's a Sports Bar/Restaurant on the first floor and a Darts Only Bar on the second floor. They have drink specials every night and "Wild Wild Wings Mondays" for 4,000 won a basket. The only negative I had is that it's not smoke-free, which seemed pretty normal in Korea. We did read that the law for smoke-free establishments just went into effect and they should be enforcing it soon. 

Day 6 was our last day in Seoul and we spent it exploring the DMZ. That's coming up, so stay tuned!

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