This Week's Instant Replay

Cheers to the NFL Playoffs and NCAA basketball conference play! I may not be able to watch all of the games, but I definitely stay up to speed between Facebook and Twitter. While in the spirit, I thought I'd do a nice little instant replay post for everyone!

From top to bottom:
(1) On Christmas morning at 5:00am, my family and I Skyped with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins back in the states. It was the first time ever that we haven't all been together on Christmas Eve! However, it was awesome (and really, really hilarious) to see them all back home.
(2) Mark and I found our first "First to Find" geocache. We ran out in the middle of the night & snagged it right before another couple got there.
(3) Tabitha and I made Christmas dinner. We didn't make it to the commissary before it closed for the holidays so we spent most of the afternoon going to multiple Japanese grocery stores to find what we needed. It all turned out great!!
(4) Dad got into geocaching a little while they were here and we were able to grab two during that time. It was fun to show them our hobby.

(1) We celebrated New Years Eve at the Butler O'Club with our friends Shannon and Austin. It was a great time and I always love a good reason to wear a sparkly dress.
(2) I started AND finished our wedding scrapbook. I took over our living room for a week, but Mark was patient and just let me do my thing. I'm very happy with how it turned out and even happier that it's done.
(3) We made custom corn hole boards for our friend John as a wedding gift. He went to NC State so we stained, painted, and applied the decals all for him. We made the bags out of an old pair of Mark's "desert" and "woodlands" camis. John loved them!
(4) Mark and I had a date night and tried a new restaurant named Soupçon. I really liked it and Mark enjoyed it, too. It sits close to the water so in the Springtime it will be a great place to go and enjoy the view.

(1) We went geocaching and found this awesome cave. Then, we took the wrong path and made the find a lot harder than it needed to be. Instead of the clear path that we could have taken, we accidentally took the path that involved ropes, rock climbing, and many attempts to keep our feet dry because we were so close to the water. All in good fun, though!
(2) You can buy individual cans of Orion and we never knew the difference. So, we bought a can of each and did a taste test. I think one of the reviews Mark wrote down said something to the effect off, "Tastes like dirt." haha!
(3) We spent this past Saturday with John and Alisha. We introduced them to geocaching and tried a new restaurant. It was really fun & I think they enjoyed themselves, too.
(4) After a weeks worth of rain, I woke up to a beautiful day. I hopped on my bike and rode to the ocean. Then, I just rode up and down the "country" roads and looked at everything that the farmers are growing. I'm really looking forward to Spring because there are many things growing right now that are going to be so tasty!!

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