Instant Replay!

Things around here have been pretty crazy the past few weeks. Mark was working for double digit hours, I jumped right into the treasury position with NIOSC, and we finally got my car back (what a nightmare). I also joined a few new groups and am trying to really get involved with things. I may or may not have some fun things happening behind the scenes, too, but we'll wait to tell about those!

Onto the replay...

 From top to bottom:
(1) I have been on my crafting game! I made some lace tiles and had some awesome feedback. I have found a pretty cool way to use them... more on that later, too!
(2) I made some stuffed brussels sprouts for Mark. He liked them, except I'm always guilty of under-salting. I'm always trying to find new recipes for his favorite veggies. You can get the recipe here.
(3) The big Mardi Gras party is approaching and I got in on the "You've been Masked" action. It's the "boo'ed" game, but with Mardi Gras masks instead!
(4) There was a Sunflower Festival pretty close to our house, but I went the day before it started to work on my photo taking skills. Now I just need to get to another group gathering for more practice!

(1) Mark and I got hot stone massages and they were DELIGHTFUL! I've been having some neck and lower back issues so it was definitely a step in the right direction towards getting better. After his crazy 2 weeks, he welcomed the massage with wide open arms.
(2) I tried Spin Class for the first time and really, really enjoyed it! I'm going to make a serious effort to make it a habit.
(3) I joined "Oki Pies" and we had a great dinner with fun, new company. I'm hosting next month and put together an Italian menu that has potential to be very delicious!
(4) I got my hair done and I got a new sweater. It was a happy day.

(1) I made a fattening, but absolutely amazing pan of enchiladas. Mark has talked about them on many occasions since! The recipe is here.
(2) Mark and I are trying to make our office more of an office and not a catch-all. That means I'm going through all of my craft supplies and goodies to reorganize! While I was doing that I found a Disney princess flower pin that I made a few summers ago. My friend has the cutest little girl and she loved it! I'm glad it found a happy home.
(3) NIOSC took a trip to the Glass Craft Village and we blew our own glass cup! Since then, I've been obsessing over this picture and their ceiling.
(4) It was a beautiful 77 degrees on our "Super Bowl Monday" and, here in Okinawa, they give the guys the day off! We spent the late afternoon exploring the beach when the tide was low.

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