M.A.K.E. - Cosmetic Space Savers

We have two bathrooms in our home, a big one and a small one. The small one is in our bedroom and has been deemed "my bathroom." It makes sense because the vanity is in the actual bedroom so when Mark gets up for work he'd have to turn on lights and wake me up. On the other hand, it doesn't make much sense because the other bathroom has a big ole vanity that Mark gets. Since my bathroom is small I end up with piles of my make-up, hair products, etc around the edges of the sink. My make-up is always falling into the wet sink and that's no bueno! ... But not anymore!

So, I have a ton of make-up. I'm not even really sure why that happened, but I'm positive my time spent living in NYC and working for NARS Cosmetics were big contributing factors. With that said, I only know how to use about 10% of it and only use 5% of that on a daily basis. That's why I chose to make my cosmetic board just for my "daily use" items.  

Step One:

  • Try to buy a piece of metal that will fit automatically into your frame.
  • Remove glass from frame and glue metal sheet into frame.
Unfortunately, the dimensions for my metal piece didn't match up to my frame perfectly. It was an easy fix (used the pliers to bend the edge up) and all is well. I had a small gap along one side, but I'll explain how I fixed that in a couple of steps.

Step Two:

  • Place all of your make-up on the metal sheet to make sure it's going to fit. 
I didn't want mine to be too crowded or heavy. In the end, I didn't put the big NARS15 on there because it was just too bulky. I added a basic eyeshadow brush and I plan to add maybe one or two things that I noticed I reached for this morning.

Step Three:

  • Add a dab of heavy strength glue and add your magnet. Let it dry overnight before adding to metal.
Depending on the size of the container, you may need to add more than one magnet to it. I still have only one on my foundation, but it slides around a little. I think it would be best to add another one. I used E6000, rubber based glue. However, my little 100 yen store magnets are REALLY strong and I tried to take off my blush container... the magnet stayed on the metal! So, be sure to use a very, very strong adhesive. I recommend epoxy!

Step Four:

  • Decorate your frame!
  • Hang it.
This whole "circle" theme was a total accident! I decided I wanted the frame to be more playful so I added the circles. Then, the small gap on one side of the frame was bothering me. So, I remembered I had washi tape that was colorful circles. Awesome how things work out like that, huh?! No more ugly gap or boring frame!! When you're hanging it, I'd do a nail in each corner. Mine is hanging from the middle, but when the weight shifts from taking a piece off it hangs crooked. Ew!

I really love it! It's so convenient and I've freed up what little space I have around my sink. At first it was awkward having no home for my brushes. So, I took an old pill bottle and some 100 yen ($1) origami paper and Modge Podged it (you can see it in the very first picture of this post). I hung it under my frame with one of those 3D hook wall sticky things.... the kind that doesn't damage the walls and peels off. Worked like a charm! 

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