My Birthday!!!

Growing up, my birthday was always a big deal. Of course, as an adult, I'm glad that the tradition remains! Mark was able to get the day off, which was amazing all by itself, and started my day by waking me up singing the happy birthday song to me!!

Mark brought me flowers the night before my birthday. He knows the way to my heart, that's for sure! He didn't just bring them in. He rang the doorbell and had them covering his face. He's such a dork!

The orchids are from John Jones & the bouquet is from Mark. How awesome!

Once we were up, Mark made me breakfast! At first I said pancakes, but it wasn't raining so I wanted to get out as fast as we could to go geocaching. So, he made my favorite eggs with toast and sausage! So delicious! He makes the greatest eggs, EVER!!

Then, we headed out to the first cache. It was one that I had been emailed about because it had just been put out. On my birthday, we got a "First to Find" ... in geocaching, that's a pretty big deal! It was a fun way to start the day!

Then, we started off on our adventure! At first, we didn't have too much of a goal. We just wanted to get as many finds as we could before it started raining. I'll show our trip through photos because it's more fun that way.

We played on some concrete jax & had to slide down the other side of the wall. I bet it was really funny seeing Mark "catching" as I slid down the slippery wall!

The tan one was trying to eat my shirt! 

The cache was in the fence post where the yellow knob, thing is.

We were pretty sure that we ripped the bottom out of my car a few times.

Mark is so strong.

Nakabaru Vestige

We almost lost our "find" streak at this cache. However, it was right in front our faces!!

We ordered our lunch from a vending machine. (Mark had goya soup & I had taco rice)

ICE CREAMMMM!!! My ice cream was not electric, it was just windy. haha

Beautiful beaches & little visiting friends!


After the day of caching, our shoes were majorly muddy and gross!!

That night, we met up with friends for dinner at Rose Garden. I wanted to go to a place where I didn't have to guess if I was going to like what I had ordered. Finding a place like that is a pretty big task when we typically just point at pictures since we can't read the menus. Rose Garden was exactly what I wanted! It was so delicious. 

I had a fantastic birthday and am optimistic about what 26 has in store for me! Cheers!

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