Recipe Round-up: Pasta Pie & Hamburger Soup

Mark and I have been trying new recipes. My job is to make the food, his job is to eat it and tell me if it's good. Recently, I bought a lot of ground beef to make chili. Well, I didn't end up making the chili so we had three pounds of beef that needed to be used... and quickly! What we came up with was a "pasta pie" and "hamburger soup."

The first one, the pasta pie, was okay. I got the recipe from The Italian Dish. I didn't have the exact ingredients, but I worked with what we had in our pantry. Mark and I both had a "slice of pie" but I don't think either of us loved it.

The meat had a meatloaf taste and consistency and the pasta could have used more sauce. Like I said before, I used what we had in our pantry so the lack of sauce was 100% my fault. I also chose to add cheese to the top because I'm an American and we love everything covered in cheese. Ha! Mark said it was good, but if he really likes something he says, "This is a repeat!" ... and I didn't get that response.

Next up, was the hamburger soup. This was the winning dish! It was so incredibly easy to make and I loved it. This is a repeat! Haha! The recipe came from Better Homes and Gardens. Again, I didn't have all the ingredients but I had enough to make it delish!

I didn't have potatoes, but I made some crescent rolls and it turned out to be a good thing. We dipped them in the soup and it was so very tasty! Also, the recipe calls for ketchup but I felt weird putting ketchup in soup so I used tomato sauce. I figured it would give it the same effect and I think it worked. It's not spicy at all so I think I could "improve" the recipe by adding some hotness. It was thick like chili, but tasted more like a hamburger (if that makes any sense).

If you want the original recipes, check out the links. However, if you're stuck with an excessive amount of something that needs to be used, I find that Google and Pinterest can work their magic for you pretty easily!!

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