Roller Derby

Last weekend, a friend and I went to a roller derby.... match? competition? bout? Neither of us had been and I'm not sure either of us knew what to expect. So, here's what I knew going in: it was on base at the gym, there are two periods and a halftime, and girls try to beat the crap out of each other. We watched a bout between The Mollies and The Parachute Pollies. The Mollies won.

Check out the faces of the people in the upper left corner. Hilarious!

What I learned while there is that there are short match-ups (apparently called Jams... thanks wiki!) within each half and each team picks a member to be the scoring player (or jammer). Very similar to football's receiver and defensive/offensive line. The D/O line try to knock down the scoring player of the opposing team and usually end up knocking each other over, too. 

I also learned that you can bring your own booze to the gym and get wastey pants. It was totally unexpected, yet hilarious, to see the guys in the corner making a beer tower while chanting for "Hacksaw," the amazing "jammer" for the Mollies.


During halftime, one of the girls from the Pollies proposed to her boyfriend. He said yes, even though he looked super embarrassed to walk out in front of the crowd to accept a ring from his girlfriend. Cheers to them! 

He said yes!

The lighting was terrible in the gym and I couldn't get it right so that explains the yellow tone of all the photos. My friend, Shockey, has a friend on the Pollies and I was trying to get some pictures of her. Eh, I wasn't very successful! Better luck next time, I suppose...

xoxo! "Justa LuvTap"

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  1. the first time i went to a roller derby, we sang ' oh hot damn, this is my jam' for the rest of the night.


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