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Mark and I are getting busier and busier! I'm meeting more people and joining more "clubs" and he's staying busy with work and hobbies (coins, diving, etc...). What have we been up to lately? Well, lets see...

As most of you saw on Facebook, Mark and I went exploring last weekend. He's been really busy with his EWS class on the weekends, but decided to take a break because the weather was absolutely beautiful! We're talking 80 degrees, clear skies and low humidity. It really was the perfect day.

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I usually save really exciting news for the blog, but I was so pumped when I found out that an article of mine was published in Stripes Okinawa that I just couldn't contain myself! At first, I thought it was just put on their website. However, I found out that it was actually printed at the end of January! I've been in touch with the paper and they are going to get a copy to me. Whoop! Whoop! The original post can be found here and the two others can be found here and here.

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I've recently became the treasurer of the North Island Officer Spouses' Club. Boy, has this been a treat! Ha! I absolutely love the group of ladies that's involved with this club, but I really didn't know what I was getting into with being the treasurer. It's getting easier by the day and I'm slowly finding my own system. I'm pretty sure that the fact that the old treasurer PCS'ed off the island a month before she thought she was going to threw a wrench in the "training" system!

Another big deal with NIOSC is the upcoming (tomorrow... Ehhh!!!) Mardi Gras party. We've been working hard to sell tickets, finalize details, and buy raffle prizes. Currently, I have oversized glittery masks on my floor that I've been working on for the past few days. I also had the pleasure of helping pick the prizes. I'm so excited!

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I found a new "pen pal" program! Leave it to me, right?! This one will lead to a lot of tasty treats! Each month, you're paired up with someone new and the spending limit is $15. You get in touch with who you're sending to and ask general questions to get to know them. This is the first month that I'll be sending something so there will definitely be a "review" of what I sent and received. Yay!

Mark was FINALLY able to go diving a few weekends ago. His boss got a new underwater video camera and was able to get a lot of awesome footage of Mark's first, official dive. He did a short dive to get certified, but I think this one should be considered his first. Pretty cool! It definitely got him very excited for future dives and for me to get certified.

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There are so many things going on around here, as always! It's strawberry pickin' season, which I'm so pumped about! I'm hoping that we can go do that soon (you have to make reservations... more on that later).  Mark is happy, too, because his mom taught me how to make jam so he's crossing his fingers that I can make a comparable batch!

Picture & info about tours here

It's also whale watching season! Apparently, February is the best time to go. That's been on my bucket list for a while so I'm crossing my fingers that Mark and I can find a weekend to go. There's another small island that's close that gives awesome tours (according to OkiHai.com). We can take a ferry and spend the night in a cute B&B, which I think would be amazing!

Lastly, next week is my birthday! Woohoo! There's potential that Mark will have the day off, which will be amazing! Other than that, I haven't decided what I want to do. Also, it's Valentine's day... we don't have plans for that either. Ha! Mark has class that night, but should be out early. However, since it's a Thursday we're thinking of just waiting until the weekend to do anything.

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