Floating Spheres

Last night, I had the pleasure of hanging out with some awesome photographers and play with my camera. We met on Araha Beach, watched the sunset and set up for the light show. Basically, one person swings a light around while camera exposures are set for 20-30 seconds. It was so cool to know that I made this happen with my camera.

Silly me forgot my tripod, but I was able to use a cooler that someone had brought along with them. My photos weren't the best out of the crew, but I was still pretty happy with my results as a first timer!

It was pretty cool to know that my camera could do this. Granted, it did most of the work but I had fun trying to manually focus (and failing a few times) and getting them "just right."

The photo above looks so much cooler on my computer, but when it gets resized it just doesn't do it justice! Looking at them again, I'm still amazed that there are people in the pictures manually spinning the lights.

The last thing we photographed was spinning steel wool. It sparks and makes for an awesome picture!! Again, the blogger resizing just doesn't cut it for these photos. They look so much cooler than what they look here!

If you look closely, you can see Chuck (the awesome spinner) in the middle of the sphere. He didn't quite disappear! Overall, I had a GREAT time and am now going to make Mark spin things in our yard so I can practice!

... and I can't leave these beauties out!

iSpy a plane!


  1. Oh my gosh! This looks like lots of fun! Love the pictures :) I saw the invite but I am camera less :-( at the moment.

    1. It was definitely a fun time! You'll have to come next time!


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