Instant Replay!

This "instant replay" was inspired by my alma mater and basketball team advancing to the A10 Championship! I'm so happy for them and I am sending all the good vibes I can for their game on March 16th at 7:00pm!! 

(1) NIOSC held the big Mardi Gras event and it was a lot of fun! There were a ton of giveaways & lots of dancing. Oh... and the food... OH THE FOOD! It was so delicious.
(2) I finally made it to Essence, the local nail salon. It's a cute little salon and the girl that did my nails told me that it's a bunch of friends that went to school together and, eventually, opened Essence together!
(3) Mark and I were able to celebrate our friend, John's, birthday! It's awesome having great friends in Okinawa. We went to a sushi-go-round and played rock, paper, scissors for some fresh sushi!
(4) We put out a cache at an old playground and as Mark was coming back over the obstacle course, he took a little spill. I didn't realize I caught it in a picture until we were home and I was checking through my phone. Poor guy! Luckily, he walked away with only a few cuts.

(1) Mark started participating in "Mustache March." I was not on board with this, whatsoever! Good news is that his co-worker cut his mustache off in a morning haze, which prompted Mark to shave his! Yay!!
(2) I like to throw new things in the dinner mix every so often. One night, I made fruit-kabobs and fondue. Mmm mmm mmm!
(3) & (4) I am working on some new crafts and mosaics are at the top of the list. Wait until you see all the supplies I have!

(1) I finally caught a sunset! I will get to see one this Friday, too. One day, Mark won't be so busy and he'll be able to join me.
(2) The semi-annual MOSC auction was last Saturday and we walked away with lots of goodies!
(3) I recently discovered that I am featured in the MOSC cookbook. I don't even remember submitting a recipe, but it's still pretty cool.
(4) I'm working on some washi eggs for Easter. This was my first one and I plan to get much better before it's all said and done!


  1. Just had sushi at the sushi-go-round it was quite the experience lol

    1. Have you tried the 100 yen SGR? The one that I know about is on 75, near Courtney. It's delicious and so cheap!


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