March Oki Pies!

This month's theme for my foodie club was "Southern Comfort." After last month's Italian theme, I was worried about another heavy meal. I was only worried for about 2 seconds, but either way I was worried. Ha!

Chris was our awesome host! She went above and beyond by cooking extra dishes and having some airport bottles of Jack Daniels with chocolate as gifts for each of us. She tried to get Southern Comfort to go with the theme, but when you live in Okinawa you get what's available.

An extra dish, hot corn dip, that Chris made. She also made greens.

Everything was so delicious! I love southern food. The fried chicken (another Chris specialty) was my favorite. It's definitely been a while since I had chicken that was that juicy and flavorful. The full menu is below with pictures that'll make your mouth water!


  • Hot Corn Dip (pictured above) - I'm not sure if this is the exact recipe that was used, but I think it's pretty close.
  • Deviled Eggs 
  • Bacon Grit Fritters - This was my contribution. I really liked them! I wish the recipe would have had the red sauce, too. Mark and I saw later that someone has put a tasty sounding red sauce recipe in the comments section.

  • Fried Chicken
The Fried Chicken Queen!

  • Homemade Baked Beans
  • Pineapple Casserole
  • Homemade Mac and Cheese
  • Greens - I knew I'd miss a picture of something!

  • Walnut Bites - These were seriously so delicious!! I wish I would have taken some home with me, but I left in a hurry. Ah! Maybe next time.
  • Southwest Cheesecake - By the time the cheesecake came around, I was too stuffed to even look at it. I'm know it was delish! How do I know? Well, we were blessed to have Irma of Irma's Cake making both of the desserts. Mmmm!!

Thanks, Irma, for the photo! I was too fat to move by the time this was passed around!

As usual, we had a great time eating amazing food and chatting. Next month's theme is Thai food and I'm excited to venture down that road! I've never cooked Thai and I've only eaten it once or twice. Should be fun!!

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