Okinawa 3rd Mihama Manga Mega Expo

Manga are comics created in Japan that combine anime, super heroes and crazy outfits. They range from typical comics to business oriented themes. It's not surprising that the Manga Expo is successful on island!

It just started last March, but was so successful again in August that they brought it back for Spring! From what I can gather, there's a lot of activity on Friday so Saturday is a little more chill... or maybe they just wait until later in the night to come out and enjoy some MMM action!

During our experience there were only a few people dressed up. However, a local photographer grabbed a few shots from Friday that were the source of our interest! I wish we would have been lucky enough to see some of the contact-wearing, crazy outfit characters. We'll know for next time!

Regardless, today was BEAUTIFUL and we were able to walk around American Village after we stopped by the Expo. American Village is so commercial and ridiculous sometimes that we tend to avoid it, but today I think we realized that there are some really cool restaurants and arcades! Seriously, we played 4 games of air hockey! It was all automated and there was a "3 puck challenge." It's just what it sounds like... 3 pucks shoot out during play! It's chaotic and awesome! I look forward to the Summer Expo for some better photos and we'll definitely be hitting up the arcades more often.

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