Ryukyu Mura

Mark and I have been slacking on our "Oki to-do" list, but we got back on track this past weekend! It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to take advantage of it. There's a little village, for lack of a better word, close to our house called Ryukyu Mura. I've referenced Conner Prairie before, but we keep finding places that remind me of it! This, too, has a bit of CP flair.

When we first got there, two men were walking their bulls. Yep, big ole bulls with rings in their noses. The old men are holding on to what looks like a tiny little rope compared to the beast their walking, but the bulls don't seem to mind and just stare at you (and totally freak you out) as you walk by. This isn't an unusual occurrence! Actually, a photographer friend spotted a guy giving his bull a bath in the ocean!

Ashley is a wonderful photographer, isn't she?! Check her blog out here!

I digress... After you go inside, there's food and souvenirs per the usual Okinawa touristy spot. Walking around we saw a lot of old homes that have been moved from their original locations around the island. The brochure says, "Ryukyu Mura was built to understand the culture of old Okinawa. This place introduces the houses which passed through devastating war damage..." and "... this is introducing the Okinawa cultural experience and entertainment and sugar production scenery, too." 

The House of Kijimuna

The top of "Higa House" - about 130 years of architecture. "It was removed and reconstructed from Tamagusuku village of Hyakuna in 1982. It is the original place for rice making in Okinawa, which makes you live love. You can also buy the herb tea."

While visiting you can paint shisas, do some bingata, visit the habu center (gross!), and dress up in a pretty kimono for a picture. We just walked around, no arts and crafts this time. However, it's on my to-do list to go back without Mark so I can do some of the craft stuff. We did take advantage of the typical Oki cutout, though!

After walking though the entire park, we stopped to check out the koi fish that were feasting off some little kid's fish food. Then, we wrapped up the afternoon with some entertainment and a late lunch (and even more entertainment).

Overall it was a really fun, relaxing day! Later that night, we tried a new restaurant called "Exit Cafe." It was very yummy! It was a perfect night for dinner on their patio and the owners (or what I assumed to be the owners) were very gracious and accommodating. It was a bit pricey, but that's because we're spoiled by cheap eateries around here. I'm glad we were able to get out to check something off of our never-ending checklist and enjoy time together!

*Side note: Mark and I do, in fact, do more than eat. However, it's just what we get most excited about. Thanks, Shive, for giving me a complex! Haha!*

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