XYZ Cafe

Mark and I visited XYZ Cafe while venturing to a flee market near Hansen (a Marine base close to where we live). They have coins, which means Mark likes to visit often to see if there's anything that he can find for his collection. Anyway, this place had been closed for renovations but they're open now! Mmm, mmm good!

XYZ has a nice view and a geocache close by... aka the perfect lunch spot for Mark and I. The inside is still a work in progress, but I can see the potential and what is finished is awesome!

There's also 2 nice bars. One appears to the the original, on the other side of the green wall, and one is outside to the left of where I'm standing when I took this photo. There's also some tables outside and it would be a great place to eat on a nice day. The picture looks like it was warm, which is was. However, now that we've lived here for a while I'm chilly in weather that's in the low-60s. I know, it's snowing in Indiana in late March... I should be counting my blessings.

When we walked in, the waitress was very nice! She made our life simple. They had two things on the menu: spaghetti or curry. I got curry, Mark got spaghetti. I enjoyed both! I, especially, liked that they brought out parmesan cheese for Mark's (cheese being a "rare treat" in Oki). Lastly, we got a small key lime cheesecake for dessert. Well, that's what it tasted like and we're choosing to think that's what it was. "Ignorance is bliss," is a common used phrase when we dine out. I can't remember how much it was, but I remembered that we agreed that it was cheap. 

Could you imagine going to the states and them telling you they had two things on the menu? I'd be all, ummm... what?! I know there are some places like that, but they're usually super gourmet or a food truck. Not a beachside restaurant with a fantastic view! 

Directions: If you're taking the expressway, get off at exit 6. Turn right. The restaurant will be just a few blocks down on the left. If you're a geocacher, look up "GC2PT2Z Love Cache" and it'll navigate you right past the restaurant. The map isn't the exact location, but it's pretty close.

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