Tokyo to Osaka, Meet Ya In The Goofy Parking Lot

So, when I left off, I was on my way to Tokyo Disney to catch my overnight highway bus to make it to Osaka. The instructions from Willer Express were to meet at the Goofy parking lot in front of the vending machines. When I got these instructions I thought it was pretty sketchy, but decided to just roll with it.

When I got there, I realized it was completely normal to meet in front of the vending machines. EVERYONE was meeting in front of the vending machines. Luckily, the Willer Express employees were wearing some bright vests and hats! I was the only name on the list written in English. Again, I decided to just roll with it... and I'm so glad I did!

The bus drivers asked if I wanted to take a photo before we left. They giggled when I threw up the peace sign.

The overnight highway bus is basically like a Greyhound, but nothing like it all at the same time. Haha! Let me explain... Japan is, well, smarter than us. They have buses that have seats that are basically like reclining chairs that you'd have in your house. There are also "privacy shades," which are equally as awesome. Let me explain in pictures (you know, my favorite thing to do!).

Pretty cool, right? Yes, silly looking but trust me when I say IT WAS AWESOME! All windows had curtains and the front was sectioned off by a curtain, too. So, absolutely no light. I was the only passenger on the bus during the first leg and the only reason I woke up when we picked up the others was because they were talking. It was a beautiful thing!

We made it to Osaka Station by 8:30AM (We departed from Tokyo Disney at 10PM the night before). The bus made several stop along the way, including Kyoto. I think that main attraction of the bus is that you can take it from Osaka to Tokyo, spend the day at Disney, and then travel back on the bus that night. This means never spending money on a hotel and not having to drive yourself to Tokyo!

Osaka Day 1 is up next! I know you're excited!!

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