First Open Water Dive

Last Saturday, Mark and I met up with his boss, Brian, and went scuba diving. Well, to be specific, I went scuba diving and Mark went snorkeling. He forgot his buoyancy control device and that's really important. Anyway, we went to Fab Dive. It's named after a really delicious curry place, but we went early so I couldn't go! Maybe next time.

It was so much fun! We saw a lot of Christmas Tree Worms, Nudibranch, Barracuda, and lots of pretty fish. Best of all, we saw an octopus!! It "inked" us. I seriously couldn't stop thinking of the Nemo quote, "Ah man, you guys made me ink!" I think I randomly said that for the next week. Haha! I was excited, what can I say?!

It's an octopus!

Looking like Gumby

Mark and I also went diving on Sunday and saw a few cool things: a REALLY BIG sea snake, 2 lion fish, and lots of colorful fish. We went to a place called "Mama-san Beach" (the article is a little old) and enjoyed the easy dive together.

I was pretty lucky to go with Brian for my first dive because he always makes really cool videos! Not only do I have proof that I saw an octopus, but I have a video of my entire first dive! It was a really great weekend and we both look forward to many more diving trips!

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  1. That's so awesome that you were able to have someone video this!!!!


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