Osaka: Natural Hot Springs Hotel & My Night Out

So, last you heard, I was heading back to my hotel and was exhausted! Well, the good news is that my hotel was a spa and completely relaxing. I got a really amazing deal through Expedia.com and the location was perfect.

Photo credit to the hotel's website.

The Natural Hot Springs Spa Hotel was exactly what it sounds like. When you walked in, it smelled like a spa with all of the aromatherapy scents! Upon check in, all of the women get a spa gift packet. It included a loofa, q-tips, lotions of all kinds, gel relaxation pads for your feet, face mask, heating strips for your back, and shampoo!

The spa is on the bottom floor and is pretty reasonably priced. If I remember correctly, a 30 minute massage was around 3,000 yen ($30-ish). The Natural Hot Springs are free to guests. I couldn't leave without experiencing them so on the last day, I had a complete spa experience! Early in the morning, I used all of the stuff in my spa gift packet. Then, at 10AM, I went down in my cool Japanese robe and slippers to the Natural Springs. 

It's basically a hot tub, except you can't wear clothes. Yep, that's right... you're nakey (etiquette here)! See, that's why I was there right when they were open. Actually, I was there about 10 minutes early and waited. Haha! I scurried into the hot springs like a paranoid weirdo, took a look around, and then got into the hot springs. It's really cool because they filter the steam to a sauna and a facial area, too. I didn't do either, but it's still cool. My trip was brief, though, because at the first sign of another person I was out of there!

Photo credit to the hotel's website.

I got a little ahead of myself in this post because I didn't do the spa stuff until my last day. Before that, I had my night out with Rene and her friends! It was too much fun to leave out! I don't have a ton of photos, but I'll do my best to take you through the whole experience.

First, we went to her boyfriend's restaurant. I was nervous that it would be awkward, but it was like we were old friends. We talked about everything! It was a teppanyaki restaurant and it was delicious! From what I understand, his family owns a farm at the southern tip of mainland Japan and that's where he gets all of the meat. Oishii!! Rene was lovely enough to introduce me to a new adult beverage, too. If you haven't tried this, you should. I think she said you can get it at Family Mart and/or Lawson's but I haven't looked.

After we left there, we went to a few other bars. The first one was a boring American bar where I introduced her to Jack and Ginger, one of my favorite couples. Then, I told her to stop taking me to American places and take me where she would go. Well, we ended up at a bar ran by Australians with a bartender nicknamed Gingy for his red hair. That's not even the best part....

When we walked in, there were two American-looking midgets sitting inside. I just assumed that was there hang out. Then, we got to the bar and a guy turned around and immediately introduced himself as an acrobat for the circus! I, seriously, could not even make this up. Turns out, they were there performing at Universal Studios and had some nephews in town who were on spring break from California. It was fun chatting with them!

At this point, two more friends of Rene joined us. I can't remember their names, but one could only say 2 things in English and both were curse words. Every time I said something to him that he didn't understand (which means everything) he would curse back at me and crack up laughing. It was rather entertaining! The other was a really nice girl that used to live in LA. They decided to take me to a show. The best way to describe it is an improv performance with dance numbers between each skit. I couldn't understand anything, but it was still so much fun to watch! 

This is where it turned into the best night ever! Rene and her friend's decided to tell them it was my birthday because they pull you on stage and do a little number around you. No one could understand my pleas (read: casual words) that it wasn't my birthday. Instead, they pulled me on stage and danced away while wearing Uncle Sam costumes. Yeah! 'Merica!

Please forgive the unkind gestures. Based on that, you know what words they knew how to say.

After I got that amazing little keepsake of a photo, we headed to a little dance party place. There was a short moment when I cut my foot on a piece of glass and they all started freaking out, but after a bandaid we went back to having fun! Rene's boyfriend met up with us for a bit and then we decided to call it a night.

When I walked outside my first thought was, "Why does the sky look so weird?!" and that's when I realized it was because it was daylight. Ha! It was 5:45AM. Whoa! I got in a cab and slept until 4:00PM the next day. I guess Kyoto will have to wait until then next trip, but I wouldn't take back anything. I had a great time and I made a new friend, Rene. We've stayed in touch since my return and I look forward to us connecting somewhere in the future!! 

So that's it, folks! My amazing trip to Osaka wrapped up with a train ride to the airport and a flight via Fly Peach.

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