Anniversary Trip to Singapore. Part II

We were so happy to see that day two was a beautiful day! The forecast said that it was going to rain so we decided to stick around our hotel and head to Orchard Road, the major shopping district in Singapore. It was cool because every mall had numerous levels (including basements). So, they basically ranked the store based on the price of items. For example, The Gap was "basement 2" level and Louis Vuitton was "Floor 3." We stuck around basement 2! Ha!

On the tourist channel in our hotel we had heard about a place called "Wild Honey," and it sounded delicious! They have a gourmet breakfast menu and, considering we could eat breakfast for every meal, we were sold by that alone. It definitely lived up to what we expected, but was a little expensive.

 2 eggs over medium in a homemade tomato soup with chorizo. Freshly squeezed orange juice, too!

Eggs Benedict with asparagus and salmon. 

After getting nice and full we decided we need to find at least one Geocache while we were there. Lucky for us, there was one right around the corner! It was down a fancy street and that's when we started noticing all of the nice cars.

Found it! 

We're talking Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls Royce and some that we couldn't even identify. At this point we were a little "thirsty" so we stopped at country bar, sat near the window, and started snapping some photos of the fancy cars.

After we had seen enough fancy cars we ventured to find my dad a Harley Singapore shirt. The first store we went to didn't have a very good selection so they sent us to the main store. It was fun to venture off the beaten path to the store!

The different thing about the Singapore subways is that they are completely open from one car to another so when you look down it's an endless "snake" of people. 

For dinner we enjoyed Little India! We went to a traditional Indian restaurant and asked the waiter to order for us, basically. Despite the cockroach we saw on the wall, our food was delicious. From what I understand, a lot of Indians practice Hinduism and many forms of the religion believe that every life is sacred so they don't kill them. We took it in stride and continued as if nothing was happening. The restaurant worked hard to be sure they "relocated" the little creature. Ew!

Happy as a cockroach in an Indian restaurant... I mean.....

Sporting a new H&M dress that I bought while on Orchard Road! 

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