Anniversary Trip to Singapore: Part IV

This trip review is taking me way too long to get through. I'm going to try to speed through our last few days as quickly as possible so we can talk about other fun things (like bull fights)! The bad news is, Thursday I woke up feeling like crud and had no real desire to do anything. The good news is, Mark was able to walk around and find some cool coin shops and enjoy the morning while I tried to sleep off whatever was going on.

He brought me a croissant back, but that was about as adventurous as I could get with my food intake. I decided to suck it up and try to finish vacay with as much speed as I started with. We headed to Marina Bay, which was walking distance from our hotel, and checked out "the" hotel that I mentioned before. Marina Bay Sands is amazing! It's like a resort (to include a spa, casino, etc...) with a rooftop infinity pool and bar. If we go back, I'd really like to stay there just to say that we did.

There were some really fancy-smancy hotels around the bay and we saw a lot of nice cars, too. To the left of Mark you can kind of see the ferris wheel, The Singapore Flyer. This isn't your normal ferris wheel because you can actually enjoy dinner on it! Each carrier holds up to 28 people! We didn't do it, but if you really love ferris wheels and don't mind paying the money, it would be a cool place to have dinner (not to mention the view)!

Lastly, there's The Float, the world's largest floating stage. There wasn't anything going on the day that we were there but it was still pretty cool to check out. They host concerts, soccer games, different camps, and other stuff. Imagine if you tried to kick a goal and kicked it right off into the bay! Whoops!

That crazy looking building to the right of The Singapore Flyer is a museum.

It was time for more food after we saw everything at Marina Bay. We headed to Lau Pat Sat Festival Market, Singapore's first wet market. Talk about food!! It had everything imaginable and was all very cheap! We're talking everything... a pig organ restaurant, fish head restaurant, curry, fresh fruit smoothies, noodles, etc...

We actually came here twice because the food was so good. The second time, Mark got something so spicy that he was literally dripping sweat trying to eat it. That man and his spicy food are ridiculous sometimes!

That night we went on our "fancy dinner" anniversary date. Because my mom is awesome, she had a zipper added to the bottom of my wedding dress so that I could wear the top on other occasions. So, I brought it to Singapore with me and wore it out this night. It was a lot of fun being able to make new memories in my wedding dress! I don't think many people get to say that.

We went to Chijmes, pronouced "chimes," a historic building that used to be a Catholic convent. The irony that it's full of bars and restaurants is a little funny, but it's beautiful and the restaurant we chose, Chef de Table, was delicious!

I surprised Mark by bringing our cake toppers. I thought it would nice to be able to enjoy something from our cake since we weren't able to do the traditional thing of eating the top layer. I gave them to the hostess and asked that she put them on whatever dessert that we ordered. Mark was really confused, but played along because he had no idea what was going on. He was super surprised and really loved it. He also gave me props for carrying those things in my carry on all the way to Singapore!

The restaurant went above and beyond by giving us a third dessert for the toppers and writing "Happy Anniversary." I couldn't have asked for anything better and really appreciated their efforts. Every single thing was amazing, but if you go be SURE to get the lava cake. Highly recommended!!

After dinner, we went back to Marina Bay to see the laser show called "Wonder Full." We grabbed a seat at a restaurant on the bay and enjoyed a drink while we watched. Looking back, it really was a perfect night!

Our last day in Singapore was spent enjoying some museums, going to Cold Stone, walking through Chinatown shopping districts, and buying me new tennis shoes! I still wasn't feeling the best, but we made the most of our time there and ended with a low key, but much needed relaxed day.

The stamp museum!

The stamp museum had a Star Wars exhibit. Random, but cool. 

 The National Museum of Singapore

All of the fabric was so beautiful.

The best part about our trip home was my wicked flight booking skills. When we started searching for flights it was going to cost us $1200, but I put my skills to work and we spent less than $500!! The diagram can do most of the talking, but lets just say it was an adventure!

This map is by no means correct as far as distance/location is concerned, but the point is that we took 3 different airlines for 3 different parts of our trip home! Pretty much anywhere flying in and out of Kuala Lumpur is cheap, but not if you combine them with Japan. So, we took Tiger Airways for about $35/each, AirAsia for about $100/each, and PeachAir for about $100/each. Our layover in Malaysia was pretty terrible, but we would have had it regardless of what airline we took. We made it through with no hiccups and I was definitely happy when we were back in Oki with our sweet puppy.

Sleeping in Malaysia's "not so clean" airport 

Make the face you would make about how happy you are to be home 

"Reunited and it feels so gooooood!" 

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