Instant Replay

Well hello, Instant Replay, it's been too long! I find myself saying that a lot, but this time it was a little more difficult to let you know what we've been up to without showing about one million pictures of Maylee. I've come to realize (actually, I knew this all along) that she's the center of our lives these days! I'm pretty pumped about it, too!

(1) See... just chillin' with Maylee on a normal day. They are the cutest beings in the world!
(2) I'm getting SUPER close to finishing my dress. However, it's been really hard to make it to class recently. It'll be done before I head to the states, you have my word!
(3) We found Maylee's favorite stomping grounds. It's a *huge* beach that is only available during low tide. We call it "the flats," and she goes absolutely insane because she can run and run... and run some more!
(4) Mark and I are still trying new restaurants as often as possible and this was a dish from a Hawaiian spot that had some delicious menu items!

(1) Maylee took her first trip to Makeman, the local hardware store. They have little buckets for pets so that they can ride comfortably in the cart.
(2) Our sweet girl went for a swim in the ocean for the first time. Mark carried her out and made her swim back to shore. She is getting more used to the water every time we go!
(3) The bull fights. I know I talked about them in their own post, but they were worth mentioning again. I mean, they had a real bull giveaway!
(4) It's PCS season and that means we've said a lot of goodbyes. Nancy, the blonde in the center, is someone that has been a big contributor to me feeling welcomed and she's DEFINITELY going to be missed!

(1) My husband is a goofball and this was a moment I was happy to catch. She loves him so much it's annoying. hehe!
(2) I'm working hard to get back into making things more often and concentrating on getting the ball rolling on Crafts & Carafes, but that puppy is just too cute to ignore!
(3) Maybe got spayed this week and played up the pitiful card something fierce. She has a few other things going on here and there, but overall she's doing well. As far as her surgery goes, she's doing really well and I'm happy (and exhausted) to report that she's bouncing off the walls with energy and eating more food than ever.
(4) I booked my first ever "girl's trip" with 5 of my friends for October. I'm incredibly excited!!

Mark and I are doing great. We're really loving it here and loving each other even more! He's traveling a lot for work, but that's something we're getting used to. Distance makes the heart grow stronger, right?!

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