M.A.K.E. - Maxi Dress Revamp

Last summer, I bought a maxi dress from Banana Republic. Actually, I bought two because they were long enough and I was super pumped about it. I really loved one and the other... Well, I think I loved it in the store. I really liked it once I got home, but the top didn't fit me right. I was a little too busty for it so, on the rare occasion that I wore it, I wore a cardigan over it (usually buttoned up) or a bandeau that showed in the back and was totally tacky. So, today, I fixed my problem thanks to my new sewing skills!

See that girl up there? Yeah, she has not chest so this works for her. 

First, I chopped off the top. There's a thick band on the dress already so it made it an easy deconstruction. Then, I cut one of my old Buckle extra long tanks off at about 5/8th of an inch longer than where I wanted the skirt to attach.

Bathing suit top anyone? Ha! Just kidding. 

When you cut the tanks, they change colors. hehe! Actually, I just forgot to take a photo.

After I had all the pieces ready, I used this tutorial and quickly pinned and sewed the two pieces together. It was very, very easy and I was happy with the result! I actually wore it to a BBQ today and was given a lot of compliments. Whoop! Whoop!

Also, my hair is different, right? Well, the hubby left on a business trip today and I was bored. So, because the humidity in Okinawa is about 500% all summer long, I decided I needed to check out some  "up-do" tutorials. I used this one today and really liked it. I have a lot of hair so my bun was huge, but that pretty much sums up my life so I decided to embrace it. Again, I was complimented a lot at the BBQ so I think it'll be a repeat (thanks ladies!!). Kate at The Small Things really knows what she's talking about with those tutorials. I will be a return "customer."

Maylee enjoying the love while you get a peek at the huge bun

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