Uruma City Bull Fighting

Mark and I live in Uruma City, which is known for bullfighting. So, we were definitely excited about checking out the big bullfighting event on Father's Day. The ring is in Ishikawa and parking is pretty terrible, but "when in Oki..." we parked on the sidewalk a street over!

It was pretty packed when we got there. We had to wade through the gambling old men and the crowds to make it to our seat (that was saved especially for us by Kasey and hey husband). There were a few food tents, but we chose to bring a cooler of goodies and we definitely appreciated having all the snacks and drinks right there next to our seats. My #1 tip is bring something to sit on... like a big, fat cushion. The stadium is concrete and after about an hour my butt hurt something fierce! We only brought beach towels and rolled them up, but that didn't help a single bit. Don't forget!!!

So, in Okinawa, bullfighting goes down like this: The bullfighter and bull come into the ring together. The bullfighters (a lot of times with no shoes on.. gross!) are along side their bulls throughout the whole thing and are "encouraging" them. The bulls butt heads until one finally turns around and runs away... well, tries to run away. Imagine how big these things are and they are pushing all of their weight against the other. Most of the time, their front legs would be off of the ground and that's the only way you could tell they were doing anything.

It was really cool to experience and I'm glad we marked something off of our "to-do" list. However, my favorite part was intermission and the giveaways. Ha! They gave away a truck of cement blocks, a truck full of fertilizer, a bull (a real one!), some picnic tables, baby pigs, a few bikes, and some other random stuff. It was pretty funny seeing a random audience member walk his brand new bull out of the ring.

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