Birchbox vs Ipsy

I've really been dying to do a post about Birchbox, Ipsy and how they compare to each other. I've had 6+ month subscriptions to both so I think I'm "allowed" to judge them now! I have, however, stopped both of my subscriptions because my cabinet is overflowing with makeup sample stuff!

First up is Birchbox. I bought subscriptions for all of my bridesmaids because I love the idea of the gift that keeps on giving. So, once a month they would get a little box of goodies. Sometimes hair supplies, other times make-up. They even send food in some of their packages. Below is a pretty typical monthly package for Birchbox.

What I love:

  • The variety of items that you get is really nice.
  • They have "brand name" items often 
  • I'm usually happy with whatever product I decide to use
  • Cheap! ($10/month & no shipping charge)
Shampoo and shave cream 

MAKE face primer & MAKE eye shadow

What I'm not so thrilled about:
  • The packaging is kind of annoying. It's great at first, but then afterwards you have no idea what to do with all of the boxes. 
  • Some items are so small you that they're one time use.
  • They send random "gift boxes" (like the one pictured above on the left) and it's just to fill up space. 
  • I've never been given a full sized item.
Now, lets talk about Ipsy. It used to be called "My Glam," but they changed it last year some time. It's the same concept as Birchbox; $10/month for some cosmetic goodies! The biggest difference is that Ipsy comes in an adorable little cosmetic bag. It's brilliant!

What I love:
  • The great cosmetic bag
  • I like the products I get and the fact that they don't send food or anything like that.
  • The colors are "universal" and usually match my skin pretty well
  • I loveeee the mascaras that they send. They are always the greatest!
  • I've been given "deluxe" sized items often. Not full sized, but not tiny.
  • One month, I got 2 bags and one was big. It was a thank you for gifting Ipsy to friends. Score!
Cosmetic mirror with a spot for blush or maybe some blotch papers. 

Fun peacock colors! 

Hydration spray and makeup remover wipes. I'll be taking these on my next trip!

What I'm not so thrilled about:
  • There were a few months when the cosmetic bags were super boring so I got kind of bored with them.
  • Actually, I don't have many dislikes.....
Obviously, if I had to choose, I'd definitely go with Ipsy. They are great! I've gifted them often and I would totally gift them again. I don't think you can necessarily go wrong, but if you want more cosmetics head for Ipsy... if you want an assortment, go with Birchbox

Have fun playing with all of your new stuff!! Oh... and if you need my addresss, just let me know! Ha!

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