Handmade Gift Exchanges: Summer 2013

I just got my package from my "exchange pal," and I'm so excited to tell you about it. First of all, I'll admit that I was a bad exchange-er and didn't send my crafty goodness on time. No worries, it's in the mail and coming soon!! Anyway, the handmade gift exchange happens twice a year and I was lucky enough to be a part of it in the winter. It was awesome so I happily signed up for the summer exchange, too!

This year, I was paired with Jen! She's a massage therapist with three little ones and a love for crafting. Funny thing is, her husband is a reservist and she's been to Tokyo. I love when random people's lives collide! She was super enthusiastic and I'm so happy that I could send her some fun stuff. For now, here's what she sent me:

This awesome little fella hangs on the wall... so great and super adorable! I walked around my house trying for find the perfect spot for him, but just couldn't find one. Then, I remembered that I have a friend who loves owls and loves crafting about as much as I do. I figured this was a great way to introduce her to Craftaholics Anonymous and give her a cute owl to add to her collection. 

I love this scrapbooking stuff! I really need to get on the ball with our Oki scrapbooks so these will definitely be put to good use. Whoop!

Isn't that an adorable little burlap bag? I love bags so this is another to add to the collection! Inside were some hair pins and 2 wooden spools. I think I told her that I was getting into sewing, but if I didn't she's just awesome and read my mind! 

Overall, it was another great exchange and I look forward to Jen getting the package from me *it's coming, I promise*!! Cheers to crafting and loving it.

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