Congrats to Abbi & Will!

Lets talk about how I'm in the United States! I made it here a few weeks ago after about 50+ hours of travel. It sounds like a lot, but when the majority of it was free I'm totally ok with it. I flew to Alaska on a C-17, which was pretty awesome and I bought a commercial flight from there. Again, totally worth it!

The first week was spent visiting with my parents and trying to adjust to the time difference. Then, we left for North Carolina where we'd get to see my cousin, Abbi, marry her Love! She got married in Asheboro in a cute little church in the rolling hills. It was truly beautiful. 

I got a little ahead of myself. The day before the wedding, we were able to join them at their rehearsal dinner. We had just arrived from our long drive and hurried as fast as we could to make it. The food was delish and we enjoyed some extra family time, too!

Okay, so back to the wedding! We headed to A Venue on Worth to enjoy an evening of eating, drinking, and "being married." The decorations were awesome and I think that the happy couple were able to enjoy their night as much as they hoped they would. My favorite part was the dessert bar. It's exactly what it sounds like: an endless table of homemade dessert! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm!

She can't be serious the ENTIRE time! 

They gave out peaches for the wedding favor and it was awesome! 

We wrapped up the reception with some great family photos. I can't wait to see them (the photographer took care of that). I was able to grab some pictures throughout the night and of my mom's brothers and sisters. You can definitely tell where I get my personality.

Okay, not to toot my own horn... buuuutttt... if you follow me on any social media you know that I've been working on making a dress. My goal was to wear it to Abbi and Will's wedding. Well guess what?! That's it up there! I wore it! It wasn't perfect and I definitely think that I can do better, but for my first dress it was okay. I got a lot of compliments, which felt pretty cool! Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures of the completed project. I'm kind of hoping that I snuck into some of the photographer's pictures. 

Lastly, at midnight, we sang Happy Birthday to my sister over some pizza and beer at the hotel. That's how awesome my family is... they stay up, despite some 4am wake up calls, to celebrate a birthday. Cheers to that kind of love!

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